What we do - for the people

Our corporate social responsibility can be summed up in one word: caring. We care for our employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and society at large. With that, responsibility follows. Here’s our commitment.

It all comes down to the people

After all, everything starts and ends with people. Without happy employees, no business. Without happy customers, no business. Without caring relationships, no business.

Since the start of 1955, we have had a strong belief that by caring for people, success will follow. Did you, for example, know that our founder Carl Erik Josef Nyberg (CEJN), used to pick up his employees and drive them home at the end of the working day when he started the business? That mindset still follows.

A safe workplace is non-negotiable

A safe workplace is always top priority, for our customers and in our own facilities. Regardless of title or role, you need to be able to trust the equipment you use. That is why safety is at the core of our business and all our products. You can be sure that we will never compromise on that.

The people behind the company

The key to our success is our employees. We are a global network with a local presence, and we are proud to have employees and colleagues all over the world, all of which are equally important for our continued success and journey ahead.

Everyone is equally treated and respected

CEJN is a non-discriminatory workplace. All employees are to be treated and respected equally regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. No form of discriminative behaviour will ever be accepted. To point out the importance of this, all employees at CEJN AB has undergone a course in discrimination.

Respect for human rights

Throughout its sphere of interest, CEJN supports and respects the protection of international human rights. By continuously communicating, supporting and disseminating the importance of these issues to all employees and stakeholders, CEJN ensures that it is not or cannot be suspected of being involved in any form of violation of these rights.

This is how we connect responsibility to our future

For the people

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For the planet

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For the profit

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Sustainability report 2023

Download the latest sustainability report to read more about our ongoing work with sustainability.


  CEJN Sustainabilty Report 2023_EN.pdf