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You can find CEJN in every corner of the world and we proudly carry the reputation as the leading global quick connect coupling specialist.

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Innovation, performance, safety and sustainability

Our quick connect coupling solutions, hose and cable reels, hoses and hose kits are designed to simplify your daily work and make your work safer and more efficient. Through continuous innovations we optimize our products to save energy and increase the overall performance.


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We connect responsibility to our future

CEJN is a family-owned company in the third generation. What we do today lay the foundation for future generations. Not just for CEJN, but for the well-being of our planet. To work sustainably, we take responsibility for our use of raw materials, we develop and manufacture quality products designed for long-term use and we are on a constant mission to optimize our products, production and overall business.


Sustainability at CEJN

Connecting industries all over the world

We provide quick connect products and solutions within a wide range of industries all over the world: construction machines, manufacturing industries, data centers, wind power, railways, aviation, fire & rescue, marine applications and more. Our highly efficient quick connect solutions for pneumatics, medium and high-pressure hydraulics and fluids provide unique benefits to increase performance and safety within the intended application.

Connecting the construction industry

Smarter, safer, and more sustainable solutions are getting more and more required from the construction field. Solutions such as equipment ensuring no oil spills, auto-dock systems for hydraulic attachments, electric excavators, and more. CEJN offers a wide range of solutions to meet the demands and requirements in all from super-duty connectors handling the highest surge flows to quick connectors for thermal management of battery packs.

Connecting the wind power industry

Safe and reliable quick coupling solutions facilitate both the manufacturing, installation, maintenance and operation of wind turbines. High-pressure couplings are ideal for secure bolting and non-drip couplings will help to provide an efficient liquid cooling solution.

Connecting the electric vehicle industry

For electric vehicles (EVs) to reach their global breakthrough, charging must become more accessible, faster and more efficient. The higher output generates more heat and that requires effective thermal management. Liquid cooling fulfils the cooling requirements and quick couplings help facilitate the installation, reliability and maintenance.

Connecting the data center industry

Cooling for data centers is undergoing a huge change. The increasing demand for cloud, AI, IoT and edge applications is driving the requirement for increased cooling capacity. Liquid cooling can meet the capacity while also being more energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Investing in liquid cooling is an investment in future requirements.

Connecting the semiconductor industry

The need for smaller and faster semiconductors has rapidly increased over the past decades, not least within the developments of IoT (Internet of Things), 5G, AI, and the automotive sector. With that, thermal challenges arise. Efficient liquid cooling with high-precision equipment is needed for safe and reliable semiconductor manufacturing. Quick connect couplings with high-flow capacity and no spill upon disconnection will enable quick and easy installations and smooth maintenance operations. 

Connecting the railway industry

The reliability of trains arriving on time depends on the reliability of even the smallest components such as the quick connectors. CEJN provides high-quality quick coupling solutions for pneumatics, hydraulics and thermal management to improve the maintenance and operation of railway vehicles. Quality-focused products will help improve the maintenance efficiency and reliability of your rolling stock.

Connecting the maritime industry

When extreme pressures are combined with extreme applications, such as high-pressure hydraulic bolt tensioning on marine ship engines, safety must be the utmost concern. Use of service tools in two strokes low-speed engines onboard, staff needs to be able to trust the equipment and that they can carry on their job in a safe and efficient way. CEJN has world-leading competence in high-pressure hydraulic equipment and offers a variety of solutions for safe operations onboard.

Connecting the aviation industry

We provide safe and reliable quick coupling solutions and tools to facilitate both the manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of commercial planes, military aircraft, private planes, helicopters, drones, and rockets.

Connecting the fire and rescue industry

When taking part in a difficult rescue operation, whether dealing with a major car accident or serious conflagration, you have to put your trust and people’s lives in the rescue equipment at your disposal. It needs the capacity and power to cut through any material. When entering a burning house, you should not have to worry about your breathing apparatus but be free to focus on the mission, save lives and put out the fire.