Quick Coupling Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Quick Coupling Solutions for Electric Vehicles

For electric vehicles (EV) to reach their global breakthrough, charging must become more accessible, faster and more efficient. The higher output generates more heat and that requires effective thermal management. Liquid cooling fulfils the cooling requirements and quick couplings help facilitate the installation, reliability and maintenance.

Liquid cooling has proven successful in high-performance computing and it is now a key to break the barrier for fast and efficient charging in electric vehicle charging stations.

Quick couplings have proven efficient to facilitate thermal management for Electric Vehicles within several parts of the solutions:

  • Quick connect couplings for fast-chargers and reliable charging infrastructure with efficient installation and maintenance
  • Charging cable with integrated cooling connectors
  • Onboard liquid cooling solutions for vehicle battery packs, inverters and electric motors

Non-spill couplings secure the operation

With non-spill quick couplings, you can work with pre-filled systems to make maintenance easier and there is no spill during disconnection. The installation and maintenance on-site can be made quickly as there is no need for filling the system with cooling liquid or evacuating air from the system.


Industrial electric vehicles

Battery-driven vehicles have made their way into the professional segment. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less toxic fumes and less noise pollution from city buses, construction machines, short-distance ferries, agriculture and mining vehicles are some clear advantages of switching to electric.

Charging technologies are evolving rapidly. Common solutions include battery swap technologies and inductive charging. There are also auto-connect solutions and robot-based charging systems where vehicle, battery or charging connectors are automatically docked to make charging as convenient as possible.

The high battery power output requires onboard liquid cooling with reliable quick connect solutions to facilitate charging cooling performance and also for thermal management of batteries, electric motor and inverters during operation.


Quick Connect Couplings:
A Critical Component in Liquid Thermal Management Solutions


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