Quick Connect Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Quick Connect Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The need for smaller and faster semiconductors has rapidly increased over the past decades, not least within the developments of IoT (Internet of Things), 5G, AI, and the automotive sector. With that, thermal challenges arise. Efficient liquid cooling with high-precision equipment is needed for safe and reliable semiconductor manufacturing. Quick connect couplings with high-flow capacity and no spill upon disconnection will enable quick and easy installations and smooth maintenance operations. 

This is how CEJN quick connect solutions can enable a more flexible semiconductor manufacturing process:

  •    Quick and easy connection and disconnection of the liquid cooling system of i.e chillers, pumps and heat exchangers.
  •    No spill of fluids at disconnection eliminating the risks of contamination in sensitive environments or fluids with high GWP (Global Warming Potential).
  •   Quick connect couplings with extremely low pressure drop ensuring the lowest possible system pressure. 
  •   Double ferrule tube fittings specially designed for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. 

Reliable quick connect couplings for a flexible manufacturing process

Semiconductors are the heart of electronic devices, but their manufacturing process is complex and advanced and there are high demands on the equipment used. Quick couplings secure the connection between the different parts of the liquid cooling system, and for the manufacturing process to run smoothly, they need to be flexible, reliable, easy to use and ensure no spill when disconnecting.


Efficient cooling procedures 

Thermal management is critical in semiconductor manufacturing. Many devices used in the process are sensitive to temperatures where even the smallest change can affect the production yield. High-precision equipment such as EUV, CVD and chillers requires an effective cooling procedure to maintain a controlled temperature.

Previously, poppet-style couplings were used to connect various parts of the chillers and manufacturing equipment, but due to large spillage of fluids, they are no longer accepted. Instead, liquid-cooled systems including non-spill quick connectors are the preferred solution. CEJN ultraFLOW is the ideal choice to keep the temperature in chiller devices under control when the etching process with thinner and thinner lines requires extremely low temperatures. 


Quick and easy connection and disconnection of heat exchangers

Efficiently dissipating heat is essential in order for the chillers to maintain a low temperature. Heat exchangers are therefore used for total temperature control. Quick couplings enable effective and safe connection and disconnection of the exchangers, keeping the operation smooth and flexible. CEJN ultraFLOW is a reliable quick connect solution specially designed for the semiconductor industry and ensures no spill near sensitive equipment and has a high-flow capacity with a low pressure drop. 


Leak-free operations with double ferrule tube fittings

Especially for the semiconductor industry, CEJN has designed a special variant of the ultraFLOW quick connect coupling including double ferrule tube fittings. This connection is made to meet the most demanding specifications required within semiconductor manufacturing, among other industrial applications. The double ferrule tube fittings will to a greater extent ensure a quick, safe and spill-free disconnection of different parts of the system, such as tubes, pipes and hoses.


Quick Connect Couplings:
A Critical Component in Liquid Thermal Management Solutions


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