What we do - for the profit

Professionalism, business ethics and fair play are central to how we do business and are deeply rooted in the corporate culture. Our customers' benefits in terms of safety and efficiency from choosing CEJN products are directly related to their business - increasing energy efficiency to adding to their profit. As an engineering company, we take pride in what we do and always strive to increase our products' performance and efficiency by re-investing and further developing, improving and increasing the efficiency of our products and production. That is how we contribute to the success of our customers' business.


Sustainable growth with a long-term mindset

We are in the business for long-term financial stability and growth. To grow sustainably, we keep looking for new areas where our knowledge and products can help create customer value. Organic growth is the evidence that we have created business value for our customers, adding safety, efficiency and productivity to workplaces all over the world.

We are a family-owned company and our intentions are to keep it within the family. Future generations will take over the business and that is a way of ensuring that our corporate values and ethics remain.

Systematic supplier assessments

CEJN is a global company with operations in many different countries where different laws, cultures, values and traditions apply. In all areas in which we operate we are aware of and respect the views of the general public and the effects of our operations, which impose exacting demands on the way we conduct our work. At the same time as we strive for future profitable growth and continued success, we are committed to contributing to sustainable development by assuming our social and environmental responsibility and by doing business in a highly ethical manner.

Our ethical requirements and code of conduct for all of our suppliers are primarily based on the UN's ten principles (Global Compact) in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

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All of our main suppliers are certified in accordance with
ISO 14001 standard.

CEJN ISO Certificate.pdf

An anti-corruption policy with mandatory staff training

We actively work to prevent any form of corruption requiring documented anti-corruption education from all employees working with purchasing in CEJN AB. It is our clear belief that anyone should be able to report corruption, improprieties, and discrimination to help us uphold our zero-tolerance policy in those matters. To help us with that we are enforcing a whistle-blower policy in the organization.

Supporting regional development

CEJN is a niche company that is born in a small town, Skövde, in Sweden, where the majority of the production and product development is located. We contribute to the local development with local suppliers and corporations while also being one of the biggest privately owned employers in the region. Continued investments and expansions, further increase our contribution to the regional development.

This is how we connect responsibility to our future

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