The process

From Customer Need to Finished Solution

The need or problem is analysed

Analysis leads to concept design

Field tests & laboratory tests

Functional tests & documentation

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Engineering by CEJN

Close cooperation with the customer is essential for a successful project. CEJN’s skilled Application Experts translate customer needs into viable product solutions, while the Design Engineer is the source for custom-made prototypes, small batch runs and special materials. Then, the vision is transformed into a physical product using our ultra-modern CNC machines, followed by stringent testing in our laboratory before delivery to you.

Additional engineering solutions are available in our Engineering folder, access the pdf here.

Unique Engineering Solutions by CEJN

Blind-Mate Coupling for Thermal Control

DLC is a specially designed liquid cooling product for use in industrial thermal management systems for data centres, power electronics, digital broadcasting/tele- communications equipment, medical...

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SSMQC - Subsea Multi-Quick Connector

The SSMQC is a further development of our popular multi-plate series Multi-X. This specially-designed Subsea Multi-Quick Connector is ROV-optimised, 100% spill-free and adapted to withstand high...

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Multi-X for the Offshore Segment

CEJN’s Multi-X Stainless Steel is a hydraulic multi-plate coupling (MQC) designed for the offshore market. As with our traditional plates it has been developed to facilitate the work of the operator...

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Multi-Plate for Bus Heating

CEJN’s P8 Multi-plate is a hose manifold that connects to a parked bus, supplying it with hot water (antifreeze), compressed air and electrical power for heating purposes, which saves money and...

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Multi-Connection for Paper Mill

By integrating the connection lines in a specially designed multi-connection nipple plate, the customer obtained a secure connection that eliminated cross-connection problems without compromising on...

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Multi-Plate for Press Hardening

CEJN has designed a multi-plate solution for the press hardening business that eliminates the risk of cross-connection. The plate links the press and tool together automatically using five quick...

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Auto-Coupling Unit for Welding Robots

The custom-designed Robot auto-coupling unit is a solution that was created for the robotic segment to eliminate misalignment due to damaged couplings. CEJN has developed a total solution that...

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Unique Engineering Solutions by CEJN

The process

From Customer Need to Finished Solution

1. Customer request

Pinpointing customer requirements
In an engineering project the customer initially contacts the local sales office, after which CEJN will appoint a Project Manager who will follow the project from start to finish. During this phase of the project communication is key. The Project Manager acts as a consultant and carries out research, as well as determining what the problems or possibilities are, while also taking into account customer demands, etc. Potential solutions will often be proposed at the first physical meeting.

Business evaluation
The next step is an internal specification from the Project Manager to CEJN’s head office in Skövde in Sweden and to the Product Manager. A business evaluation is performed to determine whether CEJN has the capacity to satisfy the customer’s requirements technically and financially.

2. Design & Concept Solution

Design proposal
After an internal evaluation the specification is forwarded to the design engineer, who produces a design proposal. The design engineer comes up with a solution that is presented to the customer, together with a 3D model. If the customer is satisfied with the proposal, an agreement is reached and CEJN presents a quote.

Prototypes are produced if requested by the customer or if the project is complex enough to demand one. To reduce lead times and ensure safer handling, prototypes are made in-house.

3. Testing

Laboratory tests
The prototype or product is now subjected to meticulous testing, as pulse tests, burst tests and other tests are necessary to guarantee a safe product that performs well. All tests are conducted in CEJN’s advanced laboratory containing everything from flow testing equipment to climate chambers for temperature tests.

Field testing
The product or prototype is now sent to the customer for an authentic field test. A plan is produced together with the local CEJN sales office Project Manager outlining the duration of the testing period and what kind of measurable goals the product needs to achieve. The entire testing process is monitored by the Project Manager, and once completed the product or prototype is sent back to CEJN’s head office for a final review. An evaluation is performed to ensure that we were able to solve the customer’s problem.

If further adjustments are required during the testing period or if new requirements are added during the evaluation phase, the product or prototype is sent back to the design engineer. A new testing period will follow.   

4. Production & Quality Control

At CEJN we carry out extensive quality controls. Every CEJN product is thoroughly tested, both during the prototype stage and during serial production. 

Thoroughly tested
CEJN uses SPC (Statistical Process Control), and after the product has been assembled we perform 100% functional tests and 100% leak tests. For special applications we conduct pressure tests to 25% over the working pressure to ensure safety. These pressure tests are designed in consultation with the client.

If the customer requests it, CEJN can supply a certificate or other documentation for usage or service depending on the product type. A CEJN customer can rest easy knowing that everything has been carefully checked and quality tested.