Multi-X for the Offshore Segment

Customized solutions

The Multi-X Stainless Steel is a hydraulic multi-plate coupling designed for the offshore market and for operation at depths up to 3000m. The Multi-X helps the operator to work quickly and avoid cross-connections with minimal spillage.

Material challenges

In the initial specification the customer expressed the need for a solution in a non-corrosive material capable of operating at depths of up to 3,000 m. Stainless steel is often a challenging material to work with due to its tendency to pinch when two parts are assembled, which is a trait that is magnified under water. CEJN managed to solve the friction problems by applying a special treatment to the stainless steel. In some applications a combination of stainless steel and specially-treated aluminium is used.

Pressure challenges

Multi-X Quattro is used under water and the product is designed and adapted to operate in demanding conditions. Normally when we talk about pressure, we are referring to the internal pressure of the coupling. However, when used under water the product also has to be able to cope with the underwater pressure, which in this particular case is 300 bar/3,000 metres. At these depths, the plate can sometimes disconnect due to pressure on the valves. To avoid this problem, the coupling and the nipple plate have been balanced and compensated for, ensuring pressure equalization. 


When it comes to the development of a quick connect special solution like this, CEJN uses calculations and advanced computer simulations, as well as the company’s extensive know-how. On request CEJN can tailor-make solutions for use at even greater depths. CEJN delivers according to customer specifications and a solution like the one described above can be delivered in 12 weeks.