Quick connect coupling solutions for data centers

The data center industry is developing at a rapid speed. The increasing demand for cloud, AI, IoT, and edge applications drives the requirement for increased cooling capacity at a fast development pace. More advanced and powerful thermal management liquid cooling systems are needed to maintain the required cooling temperatures in data center applications. To that, quick couplings play an important role.

Quick coupling solutions for liquid cooling in Data Centers
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Quick coupling solutions for liquid cooling in Data Centers

This is how CEJN coupling solutions enable high-performing liquid cooling systems in data centers:

  • CEJNs contribution to the Open Compute Project (OCP).
  • Non-drip high flow quick coupling with a screw-to-connect mechanism for data center Coolant Distribution Units (CDU).
  • Compact quick connect coupling solutions with or without blind-mate function for Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) applications.

CEJN part of the OCP initiative 

CEJN is a proud contributor to the OCP community, designing and developing interchangeable quick connect solutions alongside industry leaders and manifold- and chassis manufacturers for the data center industry.

CEJN has long experience in quick coupling technology for thermal management and our expertise in quick coupling technology will make sure to meet the requirements. We offer a wide range of interchangeable coupling solutions developed within OCP as well as customized solutions for specific demands and needs. 



“With our long experience and knowledge in quick coupling technology, we have good confidence that our participation will move the technology development forward”

- Emil Pettersson, Design Engineer at CEJN AB


Read the full story about CEJNs involvement in OCP


High flow quick couplings for an even and maintained cooling temperature in CDUs 

The Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) is the core of the liquid cooling systems, responsible for evenly distributing coolant throughout the data server racks while maintaining the desired temperature and flow rate.

Quick couplings are essential in CDU systems as they efficiently and safely transfer coolant through the CDU's inlets and outlets. Since operators frequently need to connect and disconnect cooling lines while the system is in operation, a screw-to-connect coupling solution is preferred for its ease of use compared to push-to-connect types. CEJN offers specially designed coupling solutions tailored for CDU applications in data centers, featuring high flow capacity, minimal pressure drop for improved efficiency, and the ability to connect and disconnect while under working pressure.




Ensure a reliable DLC process with high-quality quick couplings

To enable a smooth, safe, and efficient Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) process in data centers, quick connect couplings play a key role as they are the vital connection between the IT equipment like manifolds, cold plates, and CDUs (Coolant Distribution Units), and the liquid cooling loop.

Depending on the needs and requirements of the data center DLC infrastructure, two types of coupling solutions can be used, both hot-swappable allowing connection and disconnection without shutting off the CDU: hand-mate quick connect couplings or blind-mate solutions with misalignment tolerance. At CEJN, we offer both. 


Hand-mate operated quick couplings

CEJN OCP UQD is a latching style hand-mate, sometimes called one-hand-operated, quick connector with spill-free connection- and disconnection under operations, so-called hot-swap functionality. Equipped with a push-lock style hose connection, this solution enables a fast and secured assembly without the need for clamps or crimping ferrules. With its compact design, it is the perfect fit for data center manifolds. 

Quick couplings with blind-mate function

CEJN offers two different types of blind-mate quick connect coupling solutions, both developed within the OCP initiative with CEJN as one of the main contributors: OCP UQDB and OCP BMQC. Built with a blind-mate function, the connection and disconnection can be made even if misalignment occurs, making this an ideal solution due to the added flexibility for the data center chassis going in and out of the racks. 

The OCP UQDB features a +/- 1 mm radial misalignment tolerance while the OCP BMQC has an extra high radial misalignment tolerance of +/- 5 mm, as well as an angular misalignment tolerance of 2,7°.