CEJN Hosted Safety Training at MAN

CEJN Hosted Safety Training at MAN

On 27th April 2016 a new safety training course was held at the MAN PrimeServ Academy in Busan, Korea, hosted by CEJN. The purpose was to improve safety awareness among people working with quick connect couplings and, most importantly, in the field of ultra high-pressure hydraulics. The theme was “From common sense to knowledge-based safety”.

The break room outside the lecture hall is full of activity, the smell of coffee and lively chatter on this early morning in April. It is the first safety training course at the MAN PrimeServ Academy focusing on quick connect components and attendance, approximately 50 individuals, speaks for itself: every single spot is booked.

Safety training book

Educates MAN customers about safety

Kim Jin-Baek, the Managing director of CEJN Korea, has been offering safety training at the CEJN training centre for many years. MAN, which has been a CEJN ultra high-pressure hydraulic customer for decades, has been a participant in this training. Today they have asked CEJN to come to the academy to educate MAN customers about safety and what actions to take when it comes to quick connect components.

Safety is the key 

The day covers a multitude of safety aspects in different areas, such as compressed air, breathing air and ultra high-pressure equipment. Kim blends risky scenarios with advice on how to take safety action in activities like the ones the attendees are involved in on a daily basis. The main theme of the day was “From common sense to knowledge-based safety”. This means that safety precautions like helmets and goggles are not enough. The right mind set is needed, as well as precautions and knowledge of how to avoid harm that can result from damaged or inadequate products.

The participants are committed, as such matters are not often addressed in Korea at present. For many of them this is an eye-opener. CEJN ’s aim is to ensure people work as safely as possible, and judging by the response from the participants, this training seems to be a very good and much-needed step in the right direction.

Comments from participants:

Sean Oh, General Manager BMT CO, Ltd Producer of compressed air couplings, valves and fittings.
“As a producer of compressed air couplings I came here out of curiosity. I had some knowledge about the dangers of hydraulics, as my colleague was hit by oil from a hydraulic jack. Until now I thought that the danger was only from the tool. Now I understand that the couplings also need to be safe and that there is complicated technology behind it. I can actually admit that I feel afraid of my own products now. This training has been super!”

Jung Jae Hwah, Sungsam HT Producer of hydraulic jacks, engine components and cylinders for engines.
“This is my first training at MAN and I had some knowledge of the dangers beforehand. However, I did not know that compressed airwas dangerous. I feel it is necessary to change some components at our facility now to improve safety, both compressed air and high-pressure hydraulics. I had heard about CEJN before coming here and I know they are very professional.”

Jin Kuk Lee, Korea Engineering Producer of hydraulic jacks.
“Before this training course I did not care about safety at all. But now I have a clear understanding that these products can cause internal injuries, not just external ones. I will start to take more responsibility in my work and perform regular checks and replacements. In Korea we do not have a good mindset when it comes to safety, but CEJN cares about details like no one else does.”

Dae-Ho Wo, Sung-il tubes Producer of connection pipes between common rail and injector.
I had no idea, that high-pressure hydraulics were so dangerous and we use products at 2000 bar! I feel it is urgent that this message is spread within my organisation, firstly among the management team in order to make them understand and purchase the right products. I did not know of CEJN before today, but my impression is that CEJN is very serious and very proud of their products. I am sure if safety is improved and knowledge is spread more here in Korea, we will have more capacity to influence our subcontractors in such matters.”