“TLX is a match for our tough applications”

“TLX is a match for our tough applications”

“If the CEJN TLX can stand up to our rough treatment, then everybody can rest assured.” These are the words of Anders Nordlund, Transport Manager and Coordinator at Rivners AB, Stockholm. Operations at Rivners involve excavators, really huge ones, but the CEJN TLX has not only provided Rivners with a sustainable solution – they now also have fullflow to their tools.

Rivners AB, Stockholm, has the largest fleet of custom-made demolition machinery in Sweden. They carry out all kinds of demolition, sanitation and recycling assignments and have approximately 70 employees. The assignments vary from small buildings to large arenas like Råsunda Arena in Stockholm, a demolition job that took 9 months to complete. And we are talking big machines here, some of them over 40 metres in height with related hammers, crushers, poly grips and scrap shears. These tools are where the CEJN TLX comes into play. CEJN meets with Anders Nordlund, Transport Manager, who is responsible for coordination and ensuring that the right equipment is in place for every project.

Durability and full flow 

Rivners had had problems with their big and heavy quick-connect couplings from a competitor of CEJN and were looking for a solution. The steel spring broke, due to the pressure, and entered the hydraulic system, leading to downtime and high repair costs for the machines. CEJN’s distributor Hydroscand recommended that Rivners try out the CEJN TLX, as they were smaller, more flexible and had a good reputation for standing up to tough applications. “With a capacity of 400 bar and a burst pressure of 1600bar it sounded really promising,” says Anders.

“CEJN also showed us diagrams, and it was outstanding how much higher flow we would get with the TLX,” says Anders. Without full flow to the tools, they slow down. The oil becomes sluggish and heats up, and warm oil slows down the process even further. Heat also impairs the efficiency of the hydraulics. Could the TLX really solve this problem?

“With the CEJN TLX we have full flow to our tools with couplings that do not break” 

- Anders Nordlund, Transport Manager and Coordinator, Rivners.

 After a meticulous testing period the parties could definitely confirm this. CEJN helped Rivners to solve two problems in one. “We gained durable products along with full flow in our systems. In fact, since we switched to the CEJN TLX we have not been at a standstill even once due to a broken coupling,” states Anders. Another benefit is the cleaning process, as the TLX is the only coupling that is cleanable, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Win-win cooperation 

From CEJN’s point of view, the cooperation has been fruitful, as the tough application has proven an excellent experience, providing a lot of answers for the development process.“We have managed to obtain answers that were not possible from work in our laboratory,” says Henric Karlsson, Key account managerat CEJN Norden AB. If the TLX can live up to the demands of Rivners, it means that they are OK, as Rivners change tools more often than other users and make heavy use of the products. It is clear that the cooperation has worked out very well between the parties and that it has been a win-win situation. “From our side it has worked out perfectly, and if there have been any problems CEJN has always been there to solve them and back us up,” concludes Anders