The strategic purchaser’s requirements on CEJN - quality and lead time

Åsa Ellbring, Strategic Purchaser at Sundström Safety

Åsa Ellbring, Strategic Purchaser at Sundström Safety

Sundström Safety is a manufacturer of high-quality respirators. Their highest rated products are fitted with hoses and compressed air couplings from CEJN. A collaboration that has now been running for approximately 30 years without interruption.


At Sundström Safety, they collaborate with a large number of subcontractors for components for their products. Åsa Ellbring works as a strategic purchaser at Sundström and places great importance on delivery reliability, quality, service and total cost. "Quality and flexible lead times are a prerequisite for long-term cooperation," Åsa says.


"Quality and flexible lead times are a prerequisite for long-term cooperation”

- Åsa Ellbring, Strategic Purchaser, Sundström Safety


Annual evaluations

To the customer, Sundström Safety usually has a lead time of two weeks, which demands great flexibility from their subcontractors. "One important element for good cooperation with our suppliers is that our suppliers can adapt to our customers’ demand. The global market is unpredictable, which means we have very short lead times to our customers," says Åsa. Sundström Safety works continuously with supplier development, and representatives from CEJN and Sundström meet regularly to develop the collaboration and to find potential efficiency improvements. "It’s easy to get answers and support when needed," Åsa says, summing up her cooperation with CEJN. "There is a ‘we can do it’ attitude, and this gives us the confidence we want," Åsa continues.


"Extremely few complaints"

Over time, there have been actors who have tried to match CEJN's offering, but Sundström's product philosophy involves a systematic mindset where paying for a product with better quality has been profitable. "We have used CEJN in our products for a long time and it has always worked in our markets," Niclas Rydh, R&D Manager at Sundström, says and continues: "We have extremely few complaints about our products and we demand the same from our suppliers."



Sundström Safety AB

Head office: Lagan, Sweden
Founded: 1926
Number of employees: 125
Annual turnover: EUR 30 million
Industry: Manufacturing company
Products: Respiratory masks, fans, filters and hoods
Markets: Global

Data according to the 2019 results.

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