Quick coupling solutions for the food and beverage industry

Working in the food and beverage industry requires a high standard of equipment. CEJN offers a wide range of solutions to make everyday work more efficient and to maintain a high level of food safety in the production process. Our spill-free quick couplings make sure there’s no spill, the stainless steel hose reels keep the environment clean and sanitized and our large range of compressed air equipment makes the daily job more efficient.


This is how CEJN quick connect solutions can facilitate the food and beverage production process industry:

  • Robust hose reels and accessories for an efficient washdown procedure.
  • High-quality compressed air equipment with high flow and low pressure drop for blow-off applications. 
  • Spill-free quick couplings to ensure no spill in the production process. 

High-performing equipment for washdown and blow-off applications 

The food and beverage industry is enormous. We know that not all applications within the industry have the same need. Still, they have one crucial thing in common: maintain a clean and sanitized environment for the highest level of food safety. 

At CEJN, we offer solutions for multiple, differing applications within the food and beverage industry: 

  • Food industries
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Bakeries
  • Coffee roastery 
  • Brewery 


  • Fish processing industries
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Dairies 
  • Chocolate production

Wash it down with hose reels 

Hose reels keep the food and beverage production environment clean and sanitized. Instead of using just hoses, having hose reels enable a higher sanitary level as the hoses are rolled back into their cases after use and thereby minimizing the risk of having the washdown gun touching the floor. Not having hoses lying across the floor also increases workplace safety as tripping hazards are prevented. 

CEJN hose reels come in multiple variations, sizes and media, and can be placed on walls or ceilings. For the harshest environment within the food and beverage production industry, our Stainless Steel hose reels are the ideal choice, available with food-approved PVC hose or rubber hose.


3 vital reasons to install hose reels >

Food approved equipment

Food and beverage environments have high requirements for the equipment used to maintain cleanliness and sanitation. For the highest level of food safety to occur, equipment and accessories need to be carefully chosen and align with industry regulations. CEJN offers a high-quality assortment of products specially made to suit the industry, such as EU and FDA-approved hoses, stainless steel covers and washdown guns. 



Compressed air equipment for blow-off applications

Working with compressed air is part of the daily work routines within the food and beverage industry. The requirements of the equipment used should therefore be high. CEJN offers a wide range of compressed air blow-off equipment that is SUVA or OSHA-approved to facilitate and increase the workplace safety and performance of machinery, tanks, and conveyor belts, production and packaging machines.

The 208 Detect - the first metal and X-ray detectable plastic blow gun on the market

The primary focus of the food and beverage sector remains on upholding the most rigorous food safety standards. To enhance the safety of the production process, CEJN presents the 208 Detect blow gun, the first metal and X-ray detectable plastic blow gun to be introduced on the global market. This groundbreaking innovation reduces the risks of accidental contamination, product rejections, expensive re-calls, and waste.


Optimize your compressed air system and save money

Leakages in the compressed air system may not be directly notable, but they are costly. A good idea is to look over the compressed air system to find potential leaks in supply line components and replace them with high-quality quick connect couplings and hoses.

CEJN eSafe quick connect couplings and hoses will generate more power for your tools as well as low-noise connection and disconnection without recoil. The inbuilt vented safety function makes sure that the coupling vents before disconnection, eliminating the risks of operator injury caused by recoil. 

Reusable fittings with CEJN Stream-Line

CEJN Stream-Line is an extended version of eSafe quick connect couplings containing reusable nipples and connectors. Using Stream-Line fittings, your hose can be as good as new in a couple of seconds, maintaining clean hoses in the production environment. In an easy maneuver and with few tools needed, the fittings can be removed from the current hose and attached to a new one. it's as simple as that.  


Ensure no spill in the production process with spill-free quick couplings

It's common that many different fluids such as water, disinfection, and foam, to name a few, are used within the food and beverage production area. If the fluid lines aren't closely controlled and maintained, the product can be affected. To avoid spills in production when disconnecting the fluid lines, we recommend using no-spill quick connect couplings. CEJN ultraFLOW quick connectors and nipples are 100% functional and leak-tight tested to ensure a reliable disconnection of fluids. The quick disconnect is available in three configurations: double shut-off, single shut-off, and straight-through.

Avoid cross-connections with color coding

With a color ring in a specific color on matching couplers and nipples, there is less risk for cross-connection that will potentially lead to mixing media or incorrect flow direction. There is also key coding that makes it physically impossible to connect a coupling to other than the intended nipple.