Compressed air hoses

High vis Anti spark Antistatic Stream-line

Straight/spiral braided and non-braided polyurethane (PUR) hoses for compressed air

Technical data

Hose material Braided EPDM Rubber, Ester-based polyurethane, Ester-based polyurethane reinforced with polyester fiber, Ether-based PUR reinforced with polyester fiber, FDA approved, Ester-based polyurethane, PUR, PUR Hi-Vis

Extensive hose range with high flexibility and durability

The CEJN hose range for compressed air consists of PUR Stream-line hoses and EPDM hoses. The PUR hoses offer a high rate of flow and exceptional resistance to oils, solvents and other non-aqueous solutions. The EPDM rubber hoses are available for antistatic applications. The hoses have excellent recoil ability and are extremely flexible and remain flexible after extensive use.


PUR Stream-line hoses last up to 10 times longer

The PUR Stream-line hoses offer outstanding aging qualities and remain flexible after extensive use. PUR hoses have up to 10 times longer service life than conventional PVC hoses. The CEJN Stream-line quick couplings are the perfect match for our PUR hoses and it will provide long-term reliability without leaks.



Increase safety with Hi-Vis hoses

Workplace floors can easily be cluttered with cables and hoses lying around as potential tripping hazards. Hi-vis hoses are a safety measure that helps to avoid accidents. Especially when used together with retractable hose reels you have taken a considerable step towards a safer workplace.


Hoses for specific applications

The anti-spark PUR hose is resistant to sparks and scorching for use in welding environments or where cutting equipment is used. There is also the antistatic hose made of EPDM rubber that dissipates electro-static discharge and minimizes errant sparks. It is equipped with a protective cover and stands up well to the elements.


Choose the right hose for your requirements

  EPDM Braided
Dissipates electro-static discharge
Straight Braided
Durable and wide temperature range
Straight non-braided
Light and flexible
Spiral non-braided
Recoil ability and crimp resistance
Straight Braided Water
For compressed air in damp and wet environments
Material EPDM rubber Ester-based Polyurethane (PUR) Ester-based Polyurethane (PUR) Ester-based Polyurethane (PUR) Ether-based Polyurethane (PUR)
Max. working pressure 174 PSI (12 bar) 232 PSI (16 bar) (anti-spark 203 PSI (14 bar)) 145 PSI (10 bar) 145 PSI (10 bar) 145 PSI (10 bar)
Available as:          
Hi-Vis - - -
Anti-spark - - -
Antistatic - - - -
Stream-line -
Available in pre-assembled hose kits - - -

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Safe, airtight compressed air systems

Safe, airtight compressed air systems

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