Quick coupling solutions for construction machines


Smarter, safer, and more sustainable solutions are getting more and more required from the construction field. Solutions such as equipment ensuring no oil spills, auto-dock systems for hydraulic attachments, electric excavators, and more. CEJN offers a wide range of solutions to meet the demands and requirements in all from super-duty connectors handling the highest surge flows to quick connectors for thermal management of battery packs. 

This is how CEJN quick connect solutions can make machinery on construction and demolition sites more efficient and durable:

  •    Customized auto-dock solutions for safer and more efficient replacement of hydraulic attachments.  
  •   Quick connect couplings designed for the most challenging construction and demolition applications.   
  •   Hydraulic plug-in fittings for clean and leak-free hydraulic systems and swiveling applications.
  •   Non-drip quick couplings for easy connection and disconnection of liquid cooling system in battery-powered construction machines.


Customized auto-dock systems designed to fit into your hydraulic attachments

CEJN auto-dock system (ADS) is a fully customized solution for manufacturers of hydraulic attachments. Implementing an auto-dock system will enable tool changes without the operators having to leave the cab, resulting in increased performance and onsite safety, which is getting increasingly required from the field.

The CEJN ADX quick connect couplings with heavy-duty proven coupling technology are the core of the auto-dock systems. By using ADX when developing a fully hydraulic quick coupler or other machines/tool interphase, you ensure high performance and a robust hydraulic connection. If preferred, CEJN can, in close cooperation with you, design and manufacture a complete auto-dock solution to fit into your interphase and to your specifications, or provide you with quick connect couplings to integrate into an already existing ADS design.


“CEJN coupling technology offers the best flow rate, is completely adapted to our attachments and the auto-dock solution prevents any type of misconnections.”

Christophe Bouillard, Design Engineer at Arden Equipment.

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“Using a premium product like the CEJN ADX couplings, we know that we have a system that is as good as it can be”

Cédric Ullmann, Deputy Managing Director and Project Manager of Technology and Sales at Ullmann

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The toughest equipment for the most challenging applications

Tired of hydraulic couplings that can not handle higher surge flows and pressure impulses? Are you too well familiar with couplings breaking resulting in costly standstills? You don't have to be. By using quality products from the beginning, a lot of money and frustration will be saved. CEJN has a wide range of quick connect solutions designed to handle the highest surge flows and the toughest pressure impulses, all from super-duty connectors to multi-plates. 


"When someone asks for a quick connect solution for hydraulic pulses, CEJN TLX is the coupling you show them"

- Nils Almkvist, Business Area Manager for hydraulic accessories at Epiroc Service Center


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"MSM saves valuable time using CEJN Multi-X GII in their quick-lock truck system"

- Rikard Alm, production manager at MSM


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Problem with residual pressure? No more

Hydraulic attachments exposed to direct sunlight run a greater risk of residual pressure, mostly caused by expanding oil due to elevated temperatures. There is a solution to this. CEJN X64 pressure eliminators are compactly designed to puncture and equalize the residual pressure. They make it possible to connect the hydraulic system without the need for extensive force, which ensures a fast and easy connection process.



Plug-in fittings for clean and leak-free hydraulic systems in confined spaces

The WEO fitting is a smart plug-in solution from CEJN offering extensive problem-solving features and cost savings. It is a self-aligning plug-in fitting that enables quick and safe hydraulic hose kit assembly without any tools. 

WEO 420, the upgraded version of the innovative and efficient WEO plug-in fitting, is the ideal solution for applications demanding higher hydraulic pressure and/or higher operating temperatures, such as cranes, compact track loaders, and more. Of course with the same benefits as the classic WEO solution: compact dimensions, quick and easy installation, self-aligning, and leak prevention. 



Plug-in fittings designed for extreme swiveling applications

Truck-mounted cranes with pressurized moving and rotating hydraulic hoses are commonly used on construction sites. The extreme swiveling may cause the hoses on the valve blocks to twist and rotate, resulting in them being worn out. With WEO swivel, the hoses can move freely and self-align with 360-degree rotation under full working pressure. 

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WEO Plug-in vs Screw couplings



High-quality thermal management solutions for battery-electric construction machines

More and more countries are bringing battery-electric construction machines into the market in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions. In order for the electrified construction machines to run smoothly, well-developed and efficient thermal management of the battery pack is necessary. 

The CEJN ultraFLOW quick couplings with unequaled low pressure drop ease the connection and disconnection of the liquid cooling system, facilitating maintenance and ensuring no spill during operation.


“The CEJN ultraFLOW works very well when connecting and disconnecting the liquid cooling system as the couplings are easy to connect, are lightweight, and ensure no-spill”

- Jon Einar Holum, Manager Engineering at Pon Equipment.


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