Cooling of liquid plates in high-power electronic application

Cooling of liquid plates in high-power electronic application

To effectively remove heat generated by high-power electronics, CEJN offers reliable quick connect couplings with high flow, ideal for a trouble-free cooling process. For one of our customers, a manufacturer of high-power rectifier systems, we have sold our Non-Drip series 667 and our smaller sized Non-Drip 467.  

Removing heat generated in power conversion systems can be done using a variety of methods including forced air, direct water, or a combination of closed loop heat exchanger systems integral to the cabinet, or free-standing for installation external to the rectifier. The most effective method is to use direct water, but in order to ensure that no components are damaged, a spill-free connection must be guaranteed.

Liquid plate cooling for DC conversion
A manufacturer of power conversion equipment contacted CEJN looking for a new quick connect to remove the excessive heat from power modules. The cooling lines are connected to closed circuit pumps in DC power conversion systems for mining. The reason the customer was looking for a new provider was that the previous solution didn’t meet their quality expectations. They were looking for two sizes, DN14 for thyristor and IGBT chopper rectifiers, and DN6 for solid state SCR and diode rectifiers.

Parameters resulted in Non-Drip series 667 and 467
The wish list of the manufacturer’s lead engineer was a spill-free quick disconnect solution in both sizes that worked well with the application’s requirements of 6.9 bar (100 PSI) pressure and a water flow of 57 l/min (15 gpm), with a maximum pressure drop of 0.49 bar (7 PSI). For both sizes we presented our Non-Drip series in brass with EPDM sealing, series 667 DN14 and 467 DN6. To avoid cross connection, it was proposed that the customer add colour coding. They agreed this was a good idea, so the connectors are being delivered in red and blue colour coding, indicating hot and cold lines. 

CEJN standard on new designs
Since implementation of our spill-free quick disconnects in this application, the customer is making the Non-Drip series standard in all future new designs.

Quick Connect Couplings:
A Critical Component in Liquid Thermal Management Solutions


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