Stainless steel reels (open)

Stainless steel Washdown Heavy duty

Hose reels in AISI 304, ideal for washdown operations

Technical data

Feeder hose length 0 - 1 m
Hose material PVC, -
Connections Male, -

Stainless Steel Hose Reel for an efficient washing procedure

The CEJN stainless hose reel AISI304 is an efficient and easygoing washdown product to facilitate cleaning purposes within various environments, indoors as well as outdoors. 

  •   Ready to use 

  •   Easy to clean

  •   Durable design


Various uses in different applications

Whereas business segment, these washdown products are a perfect choice to maintain a clean environment.


Clean machines for better performance

Keeping your machines clean is great for aesthetics, but it’s also important in terms of machine maintenance. Mud, leaves, and other debris can get stuck places they shouldn’t, which can lead to repairs down the road.

Washdown procedure to keep food equipment sanitized 

A clean and sanitized environment in the food and beverage segment is a top priority - of course. The stages of the washdown procedure need to be done with the utmost care but can go smoothly if using well-designed cleaning equipment, like hose reels and spray guns. 


Well-equipped marine service stations keep boats in top conditions

Easy access to filling water or rinsing off the deck is something that is required when entering a service station at a marina. With high-quality wash-down equipment included in the service station, the operator will not only find it easy to access but also easy to work with.

Manuals and brochures

Stainless steel reels - Manual

Stainless steel reels - Manual

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