Watch your step - Introducing high visibility (Hi-Vis) hose reels

Watch your step - Introducing high visibility (Hi-Vis) hose reels


Slow retraction and a stop ball designed to prevent tripping accidents are already standard safety features on our Safety Reels. Our massively popular compressed air hose reels are now available with a new safety feature: high visibility hose.

When not in use, the hose should always be safely retracted in the reel to prevent tripping accidents, but sometimes - it just isn't. When the hose is left lying on the floor, it becomes a potential tripping hazard. That is the reality that we have learned from our customers' experience.

CEJN now offers our safety reel with a high visibility hose: the Hi-Vis Hose. This brightly colored hose is designed to stand out in order to prevent accidents.

Did you know that falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide?

According to the Bureaeu of Labor Statistics, in the U.S, more than 25% of all workplace related injuries involving days away from work come from slips, trips and fall accidents.

If a different hose color could prevent just a single one of them from injury, it should definitely be considered.

The Hi-Vis version of the Safety Reel has the same great features that has been so widely appreciated. High flow rate, low pressure drop, ease of use, slow retraction, sturdiness and reliability. Now, also with high visibility - for an even safer workplace.

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