Quick Coupling Solutions for Fire & Rescue

When taking part in a difficult rescue operation, whether dealing with a major car accident or serious conflagration, you have to put your trust and people’s lives in the rescue equipment at your disposal. It needs the capacity and power to cut through any material. When entering a burning house, you should not have to worry about your breathing apparatus but be free to focus on the mission, save lives and put out the fire.



This is how CEJN quick couplings can benefit the work within fire & rescue

  • Quality approved safety breathing air couplings and hoses for safe breathing in tough conditions
  • Market-leading quick couplings for ultra-high pressure with unique safety features to power hydraulic rescue tools
  • Ultra high-pressure hoses with CIS tag for full traceability and safety
  • Get to the accident site faster with fire trucks equipped with CDC multi-plate with automatic disconnection

Reliable power - when lives depend on it

Our ultra high-pressure couplings and hose kits offer market-leading performance and reliability. The extreme power of ultra high-pressure hydraulics is vital for getting the job done quickly and increase the chances of saving lives when arriving at a complicated accident site. To avoid the dangers of working with ultra high-pressure you should always choose products of high quality and learn how to work safely with ultra high-pressure. To avoid danger, you need to know the dangers.


How to work safely with Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics


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CEJN High-Pressure Center

The CEJN High-Pressure Centers are located around the world for closer proximity to our markets and are all staffed by certified application experts. Each center features a hose-crimping facility that assembles high-pressure hose kits to customer specifications. Every set is checked and measured before delivery for safety and performance to eliminate any risk of failure.


CEJN Identification System (CiS)

CiS is a tracking solution in which every hose kit is chipped and has an individual marking and traceability based on Near Field Communication technology. This means that you can check the technical data for the hose kit and can also view an updated history log: when the hose kit was first and most recently pressure-tested and when it is time to take it out of service.

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“CEJN's products are a good match with what we represent - quality and safety”

Niclas Rydh, R&D Manager, Sundström Safety


Sundström Safety, market leaders for high-quality respiratory protective equipment, has been using CEJN couplings and hoses for breathing air for 30 years 

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Safe breathing - For your safety

When working with breathing air in fire rescue applications, safe and solid equipment is needed. CEJN series 344 or 341 quick-connect couplings have an extremely high rate of airflow which is ideal for these applications. One-hand operated connection, integrated safety feature that protects against unintentional disconnection, a grip-friendly locking sleeve, and a broad connection range are features that will help protect your life while you try to save others.


Get to the accident site faster with CDC

The CEJN Dual Connector, CDC, is a quick-to-connect multi-plate that makes it easy to connect and disconnect electric power and compressed air to the vehicle. It will disconnect automatically by turning/pushing the starting key/knob of the vehicle. The connector is used to fill the vehicle's braking system. It is also possible to reverse the flow and use the vehicle's compressor to power pneumatic tools, such as lifting equipment.


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