OTC 2024

OTC 2024

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With over 50 years of experience in quick connect coupling technology for high-pressure hydraulics, CEJN offers a wide range of products with operating pressures up to 58K PSI. CEJN High-Pressure Hydraulic couplings are specially designed for all demanding applications.

Now offering dry break coupling solutions from Smartflow, Part of the CEJN Group. Plus quick connects for medium pressure, offshore wind, thermal control & more.

Custom engineering available.

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Our Product Highlights:



Smartflow Dry Break Couplings

CEJN’s acquisition of SMARTLOW COUPLINGS, LTD. strengthens its position as a global premium provider of quick connect solutions for the Oil & Gas market and other fluid transfer applications.  The product range of 1 in. – 4 in. dry break couplings, designed to improve the efficiency and safety of industrial fluid transfer systems, will be a great complement to the already wide range of CEJN products.



Stainless Steel, Flat Face Couplings

Flat-face couplings for clean and spill-free hydraulic systems

Advanced hydraulic systems set high demands on cleanliness. Outdated ISO-A poppet valve-type couplings are still being used in many modern machines. Consequently, a high volume of hydraulic oil is spilled worldwide every day due to disconnections that result in hefty clean-up and replacement oil costs. Subsequently, contaminants can enter the hydraulic system during connection, reducing the service life of the components as well as the overall system.

X-series are clean and spill-free flat-face couplings that conform to the ISO 16028 standard.


stab plate

SSMQC - Subsea Multi-Quick Connect Plates
The SSMQC is based on the Multi-X multi couplings. This specially-designed Subsea Multi-Quick Connector is ROV-optimized, 100% spill-free and adapted to withstand high internal and external pressures. The SSMQC provides a safe and reliable hydraulic connector plate
for subsea applications. Depth of up to 3000 meters.




Ultra-high safety hoses for ultra high-pressure hydraulics.
CEJN Ultra High-Pressure hoses for hydraulics are made of spiralized steel reinforced polymers that have ultra-high working pressure while maintining flexibility. The low volumetric expansion gives fast response time in hydraulic systems while smooth inner bore provides a minimized pressure drop. The small outside diameter makes the hose ideal for tight routing. Each assembled kit is cut to your preferred length, fitted with one of our wide range of fittings and high-pressure couplings.



T-Coax Torque Wrench Connection System 
The trouble-free way of connecting torque wrenches. The T-Coax hydraulic connection system is designed for an easier, cleaner, and more efficient connection of hydraulic torque wrenches to the pump. The coaxial quick coupling is the core of the solution, connecting two hydraulic lines using the same quick coupling. The T-Coax system offers a hassle-free, spill-free and safe connection both on the tool and on the pump.



High-pressure hydraulic building blocks for harsh environments.
Stainless steel thread and cone components are a safe and reliable way to build a hydraulic system, giving even pressure distribution. Connect the blocks using tubings and a wide assortment of adapters, collars and gland nuts to fit a wide range of dimensions. All in stainless steel to withstand harsh environments.


Introducing Stainless Steel Range Ultra High-Pressure Needle Valves!
Needle valves available from 10K to 60K PSI (70 to 400 MPa).

Needle valves separate the process of hydraulic pressure to its instrument, i.e. pressure gauges, transmitters or switches, etc. When the valve has been closed, the instrument can be safely dismounted for services like recalibration or replacement.
The needle valves are available in five different pressure intervals and come in a wide range of sizes and configurations.



Offshore Wind Solutions
Safe and reliable quick coupling solutions facilitate both the manufacturing, installation, maintenance and operation of wind turbines. High-pressure couplings are ideal for secure bolting and UltraFlow couplings will help to provide an efficient liquid cooling solution. 

Thermal Control couplings
High flow capacity and low pressure drop are significant features of our range of quick couplings intended for thermal management applications and the liquid cooling of electronics. The valved flat-face quick couplings provide spill-free connection and disconnection. The wind turbine industry is moving over to thermal cooling and our quick connects are vital for this application.

UHP Twin Lines
Whether the application is nuclear, subsea, Offshore Windpower, oil, gas, or turbine, at CEJN we’re committed to meeting the ever-changing requirements of tough environments. Our wide range of ultra high-pressure quick connect couplings and hoses includes just what you need for jacks, cable cutters, pipe bending and bolt tensioning tools, torque wrenches, rescue equipment, hydrostatic testing equipment and more.


Clean and Leak-Free Multi-Connections in One Step with MULTI-X. 
CEJN Multi-X is a range of innovative, easy to handle, multi-plates designed to meet and exceed the demands of even the most challenging mobile hydraulic applications. Its innovative design rivals and surpasses other existing multi-plates on the market. The unique design made with the user in mind offers you a plate system that provides great flexibility, high performance, easy installation and trouble-free operation. Now available with options to use with Multi-Connectors AND Individual Couplings.


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