TESS & CEJN - Engineering Partners

Lars-Otto Fredriksen Technical Sales Manager TESS & Tommy Halvorsen Sales Manager CEJN Norden, meeting up at the Subsea Valley Conference & Fair, Oslo 2015

Lars-Otto Fredriksen Technical Sales Manager TESS & Tommy Halvorsen Sales Manager CEJN Norden, meeting up at the Subsea Valley Conference & Fair, Oslo 2015

TESS & CEJN are now entering into a more in-depth collaboration relating to engineering, targeting the offshore segment. After many years of working together on standard sales, the partnership has progressed to joint projects. Based on a good, long-standing relationship and consensus with regard to quality and safety, this working relationship is now evolving to include more advanced solutions.

TESS - Off shore supplier

Tess is a global player and supplier of hoses, couplings, tools, workwear and technical solutions to industry and the offshore sector. With approximately 1000 employees worldwide, the company serves customers with international operations in the subsea/offshore segment and has partners in locations including Norway, Scotland, the USA, Singapore and Brazil.

Working in a demanding market such as offshore means that TESS is very meticulous in choosing partners and products. “Besides safety and high quality, we look for partners with a long tradition, knowledge and an overall production solution,” says Lars-Otto Fredriksen, Technical Sales Manager at TESS.

CEJN as a partner

Cooperation between CEJN and TESS has expanded in recent years. CEJN has long been a supplier of high-quality standard products like couplings and hoses. With CEJN now having taken a conscious and deliberate step into engineering solutions, this opens up new doors for the partnership. In 2015, they started to make joint approaches to TESS customers, and the combination of skills really demonstrates that this new whole is greater than the sum of its parts. “TESS has good contact with customers, engineers and decision-makers, and now with CEJN by our side we can offer a new in-depth level of technical expertise,” says Lars-Otto. Since CEJN can provide technical specifications and demonstrate production possibilities, the parties complement each other very well. The deciding factor for TESS when entering into cooperation with CEJN was the fact that CEJN has both production and engineering resources in place together with a well-thought-out LEAN process.“If you plan to work in the subsea market you need to have all those features in place, as quality and safety are what count. CEJN has it all and is therefore our chosen partner,” concludes Lars-Otto.

“There is no party other than CEJN who can deliver the level of quality we require.” 
- Lars-Otto Fredriksen Technical sales Manager, TESS

CEJN safety

CEJN is now looking forward to the opportunities that might arise from this new partnership. “TESS states that we have the best facilityand holistic approach to safety that they have seen, which is very satisfying for us,” says Tommy Halvorsen, Sales Manager at CEJN Norden and one of the main parties involved in the collaboration with TESS. He concludes: “Being associated with safety and selected on that basis is really what we have been striving for.”

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