CEJN Provides Customisation for ABB

CEJN Provides Customisation for ABB

ABB Robotics is a leading global supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and services. They automate processes using robots and control systems and have a bright future ahead, as the use of robots is increasing every year. They currently (2015) produce 30,000 robots on an annual basis and the target is 100,000 by 2020. CEJN is excited to be collaborating with this forward-thinking company as one of its suppliers of customised solutions.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. With headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, the company employs 140,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries. ABB consists of five divisions and ABB Robotics is part of the Discrete Motion division. CEJN meets up with Håkan Ahlgren, Strategic Purchaser at ABB Robotics in Västerås, Sweden, for a chat and a tour to see how our customised hydraulic nipple is working out.

ABB in cooperation with CEJN

It all started when Håkan was commissioned to find a new solution to replace their existing nipple. Around the same time he got a call from CEJN, a company well known to Håkan for its pneumatic range. “CEJN is a major player. It was logical to give them the opportunity to develop an optimised solution for us,” he states. It became clear from discussions that ABB Robotics wanted a shorter nipple to improve the situation in their test cells. CEJN developed a special solution by refining a standard nipple to satisfy this customer request.“We looked over the design and managed to shorten the length. We also reviewed various parameters such as the locking device in order to further optimise the design,” says Henric Karlsson, Key account manager at CEJN Norden AB. Håkan Ahlgren is pleased with the cooperation with CEJN: “CEJN has contributed a cost-effective solution much better than their competitors. We were also offered a locking device more stable than we had seen before”.

"We set high demands in terms of the right quality, price and delivery date. CEJN matches our demands on all criteria.” 

 - Håkan Ahlgren

The CEJN solution 

In the test cells at ABB we find the robot and the control cabinet that is the actual brain. When testing a robot, the hydraulic oil in the robot is pumped into an external system at a pressure of 5-10 bar for filtration and particle measurement. This important connection point is where we find the customised CEJN nipple that connects the external system to the robot. After testing the robot, the external system is disconnected and the CEJN nipple seals the internal hydraulic system in the robot, keeping the system clean. According to ABB the product is working out fine. “When all is quiet from the production line, everything is ok,” says Håkan with a smile.

ABB future 

Many people are used to the orange ABB robot, a strong trademark. But in this particular cell the robot is light grey. When we ask why, Håkan give us a glimpse into the future. “The trend is towards creating robots that interact more and more with people, and the orange colour indicates danger,” he explains. With the help of vision technology and pressure-sensitive sensors, ABB has taken a step into the future, and the new colour signifies this new era. “In the future man and robot will work side by side without any protection,” says Håkan. The new two-armed robot YUMI (you + me) is an example of this, and as the name indicates it’s all about cooperation between human and machine.

CEJN is happy to be part of this intriguing development and for now ABB is pleased with having CEJN as a subcontractor. “We have chosen the products from CEJN because they add value to our product and are cost effective. We set high demands in terms of the right quality, price and delivery date. CEJN matches our demands on all criteria,” concludes Håkan.

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