X-series couplings

Safety Lock ISO 16028

Hydraulic flat-face couplings (ISO 16028) with or without pressure eliminator

Technical data

Max working pressure connected (bar) 250 - 720 bar (3625 - 10442 PSI)
Min. burst pressure connected (bar) 999 - 1500 bar (14489 - 21755 PSI)
Material coupling Stainless steel (AISI 316), Steel (Zinc-Nickel)

Flat-face couplings for clean and spill-free hydraulic systems

Advanced hydraulic systems set high demands on cleanliness. Outdated ISO-A poppet valve-type couplings are still being used in many modern machines. Consequently, a high volume of hydraulic oil is spilled worldwide every day due to disconnections that result in hefty clean-up and replacement oil costs. Subsequently, contaminants can enter the hydraulic system during connection, reducing the service life of the components as well as the overall system.

X-series are clean and spill-free flat-face couplings that conform to the ISO 16028 standard.


A modern quick coupling for modern equipment

  • Flat-face design (ISO 16028)

  • Safety lock

  • One-hand operation
  • Less contamination

  • Less pollution

  • Minimizes spillage

Long service life also in heavy-duty applications

One of the biggest benefits you get by choosing the CEJN X-series is a longer service life, longer endurance in heavy-duty applications and high working pressure. When producing the CEJN nipples we use case hardening of the nipple bodies which gives the highest surface hardness possible. The most common hardening method is local hardening (induction), on specific areas on the nipple, which typically has a surface hardness that is 30% lower than the method CEJN use.

This is of course a big advantage in the toughest applications but also in more ordinary applications where you will get a longer service life on your quick connect couplings.


Easier connection under pressure with superior pressure relief

The unique design of CEJN’s couplings and nipples makes it possible to connect with residual pressure without damaging anything in the couplings, also with standard products. This is possible on both couplings and nipples as long as you only have residual pressure on one side. Residual pressure is mostly caused by expanding oil due to elevated temperatures and results in substantially increased connection force. The only limitation to connect is your physical strength.

The X65 pressure eliminators are compactly designed to puncture and equalize the residual pressure. They make it possible to connect the hydraulic system without the need for extensive force, which ensures a fast and easy connection process.

Manuals and brochures

Clean and Leak-Free Hydraulic Systems

Clean and Leak-Free Hydraulic Systems

X64 Pressure Eliminator

X64 Pressure Eliminator

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