Blind-mate coupling secures cooling of transmitter

Blind-mate coupling secures cooling of transmitter

We all watch TV, it’s part of our daily life. To get the image to the TV screen the information passes through several stages, the transmitter being one of these. The transmitter then broadcasts an electromagnetic signal to the television receivers. Our Non-Drip coupling series plays a very important role in relation to the transmitter for one of our customers. The connector ensures cooling of the amplifier to guarantee functionality.

When water is used to cool the amplifier it flows past delicate electronics, meaning leak-free performance is top of customers’ wish lists. No one wants to suffer a leaking connection. One of our customers develops and manufactures transmitters designed to broadcast analogue or digital radio and TV signals. We supply them with Stainless Steel Non-Drip Coupling Series 577. 

Coupling connects through amplifier module
As part of the electrical systems, each transmitter rack is made up of modules: exciters, power amplifiers and control units. The amplifier reaches really high temperatures and needs cooling. This is where our Non-Drip 577 Coupling comes into play: it is installed at the back of the power amplifier. When modules are inserted into the rack, the coupling connects to the nipple installed on the back. 

CEJN Non-Drip Series 577 Liquid coolingBlind-mate function
A blind-mate function guarantees safe and drip-free connection and disconnection. During operation, the liquid cooling system is controlled from the control unit. Each module has two quick disconnect components attached, one inlet for cold water and an outlet to disperse the warm water after it passes through the system. The system operates at a pressure of about 5 bars and has a double shut-off flow of Kv 2.11 (Cv 2.44). 

Protecting sensitive electronics
The customer is very satisfied with the performance of their new generation of liquid-cooled high-efficiency transmitters. Even if our couplings are just a small part of the system they play a vital role. The Non-Drip series can handle long-term connection and its non-spill performance on disconnection has proven to protect the sensitive electronics in power amplifiers.  

Quick Connect Couplings:
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