CEJN eSafe ensures student safety

Marcus Jerne – teacher at Volvo High School demonstrating eSafe for one of his students.

Marcus Jerne – teacher at Volvo High School demonstrating eSafe for one of his students.

The Volvo High School at Volvo Cars Engine has one of Sweden’s highest application rates and the few lucky students who are accepted are highly prioritized by Volvo. I meet with Marcus Jerne, a teacher at the school, to discuss their switch to our compressed air coupling eSafe. The switch was necessary for the school, to eliminate the potential hazard of recoil. Marcus says, “My students shouldn’t have to be afraid to disconnect air-powered tools.” 

It all started in 1996 when Marcus, who back then was a passionate student at the Volvo High School, first realized the potential danger from pneumatic recoil in the school’s workshop. There was always an element of fear in play during tool disconnection. Imagine his surprise when he came back to the school, now as a teacher, to find the same couplings were still installed. He felt that something had to be done. 

Home-made solution leads to eSafe

Marcus tells me he got quite creative and figured out his own solution for how to avoid recoil. “But you could say it felt more like a temporary solution.” Not entirely happy with the home-made solution he discussed the problem with a friend who works for CEJN. “I hadn’t heard of eSafe, but he told me that eSafe was just what I needed. A safety coupling with great flow.” A couple of days later a sales person from CEJN’s Nordic sales company contacted Marcus. 

eSafe installation

Marcus says that the previous couplings were probably installed in the 1960s. “That’s what they had back then. But now with safety regulations – it’s a deal breaker.” After initial contact, CEJN decided to sponsor the installation, as a way to make sure students are kept safe and to bring knowledge of eSafe to the younger generation. Never to ask for less. 

The school reacted positively to the initiative and Marcus was put in charge of the switch. “It took a while to get it all done,” says Marcus, leading me into the workshop and pointing towards the many air outlets. The couplings are shiny, visible from a distance, and still look brand new. “We also instruct Volvo employees as well as our students, and quite often you can see them lean back to avoid the recoil on disconnection. Their reaction is priceless when they disconnect eSafe. They’re like ‘what happened?’” 

No hassle since eSafe

We continue, passing classrooms where compressed air is used, and I take a couple of pictures. The school has many activities where they use compressed air as the energy source. This includes automation classes where students build and program small mobile machines and a class where they teach the science of pneumatics. During this class, students use mobile laboratory stations that can be connected throughout the school. Marcus says that, regardless of what they use compressed air for, it makes him feel good to know that the students, and also Volvo employees, can now safely disconnect. 


“You can’t argue against eSafe. What could you possibly say?” 

- Marcus Jerne


After the tour, he concludes, “This is what it came down to and I am very happy with the switch. You can’t compare eSafe with the previous coupling, it wouldn’t be fair. Also, I haven’t taken any measurements, but I know for sure that we’ve significantly reduced our air wastage.”

Responsibility towards students 

During our interview, Marcus keeps coming back to the elimination of recoil. He stresses the importance of responsibility towards students’ safety. “You can’t compromise on safety. Right now we’re about to build new classrooms, and I personally made sure to specify eSafe in the drawings. Nothing else gets into this school from now on.” 

It is always rewarding to meet someone as enthusiastic as Marcus. A year has passed since installation and eSafe seem to have made a real difference to this school, its teachers and its students. As we conclude, Marcus gives his final view on eSafe, “I could promote eSafe, just like I promote this school. I could sell eSafe on the street!”

 Text: Jill Elmshorn, CEJN AB