Blind-mate connector secures spill-free connection in broadcasting transmitter

Blind-mate connector secures spill-free connection in broadcasting transmitter

An altered Non-Drip series 577 has been made for a producer of digital broadcasting transmitters. The design needs were an auto-coupling/blind-mate connector with aluminium parts that could handle long-term connection. When disconnected, it had to be spill-free to protect surrounding electronics. 

Cooling of electronics in digital TV and radio broadcasting transmitters is a delicate task and, as a result of more advanced transmitters, the traditional cooling method using air is no longer effective. Instead, liquid cooling is more efficient. However, bringing fluids close to electrical components can result in serious damage. At CEJN, we offer no-spill quick connect fluid couplings for reliable thermal management. 

CEJN altered Series 577Connectors integrated into liquid cold plate
This customer was in need of an auto-coupling/blind-mate connector to replace an existing solution. The coupling is fitted at the rear of the transmitter power module’s cooling plate, with the other end connected to the power block. The operator then slides the power module into the power block where the electronics and couplings are to be connected for long periods. CEJN engineers took the Non-Drip series 577 and converted it into an auto-coupling. In order to avoid damage to sensitive electronics, spill-free disconnection was essential when the racks are removed for maintenance or replacement a couple of times a year.  

Special aluminium parts
The power module’s cooling plate is made of aluminium, so to eliminate the possibility of creating corrosion caused by different material and to better fit the existing manifold design, the standard stainless steel coupling’s outer parts were replaced with aluminium. The inner parts, however, are still stainless steel to preserve the robust construction and to keep them compatible with cooling fluids, in this case water-glycol mixture.

Cutting costs
The customer is very satisfied with the modified Non-Drip series 577 blind-mate connector. We were able to keep the coupling robust and cut costs by keeping the inner parts in stainless steel. To CEJN, every customer and application is unique. Reworking standard products is done frequently and our engineers thrive on coming up with alternative solutions.   

Quick Connect Couplings:
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