Quick coupling solutions for Hydrogen

The research about Hydrogen gas is one step ahead to a pollution-free environment and a key in the work for a secure and affordable energy future. With reliable quick connect solutions, the operations of compressing, storing, and refueling will be safe and efficient. Just as it should be. 


This is how quick connect products will facilitate the Hydrogen supply chain:

  • Quick connect couplings with low pressure drop for dispensing and storage.
  • High pressure quick connect couplings for pressure testing of system and components.
  • Hoses for a safe and reliable dispensing and storage.
  • Quick disconnect couplings for cooling of electrolyzers and fuel cells.
  • Valves, tubes and fittings for system design.

CEJN part of the Hydrogen supply chain 

Safe, efficient and reliable equipment is a necessity for a well-working Hydrogen supply chain. From generating and compressing to storage and refueling. CEJN offers a variety of quick-connect solutions to facilitate the different stages in the supply chain.


3 reasons to choose CEJN


Quick connect couplings with low pressure drop designed for overall system performance


World-leading competence in high pressure hydraulic equipment


Different steel, stainless steel, and seal qualities to fit specific application needs


Caring for the environment 

As Hydrogen is an energy carrier with great potential for clean and efficient power in stationary, portable and transport applications, it lines with one of CEJN core values – caring for the environment. Using fuel cells with Hydrogen gas will enhance energy security, reduce oil dependency as well greenhouse gas and air pollution.

What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is named after the Greek words hydro (water) and genes (forming). Hydrogen occurs mainly in combination with oxygen and water and is typically produced by heating natural gas with steam to form a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide (syngas), and then separated to produce hydrogen.

Source: Live Science 

5 facts about Hydrogen

  • Hydrogen is the main component of Jupiter
  • Hydrogen gas was used in the first gas balloon flight in Paris in 1783
  • NASA uses hydrogen as rocket fuel to deliver crew to space
  • Hydrogen is about 14 times lighter than air
  • Hydrogen has the lowest density of all gases

Source: Live Science 


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