Quick, leakage free connection for Kärcher-Belos

Quick, leakage free connection for Kärcher-Belos

Kärcher-Belos in Tranås, Sweden is a manufacturer of utility tool carriers. When designing their new model, TransPro 4260, the company wanted to make the tool changing process easier for their customers and, at the same time, solve some assembly line issues. Kärcher-Belos turned to CEJN for expert advice and the Multi plate Multi-X and WEO connections have successfully been implemented.

Kärcher-Belos in Tranås, Sweden

Kärcher is a well-known global supplier of efficient, resource-saving cleaning systems and the company has more than 11,000 employees in over 60 countries. In the southern part of Sweden you find Tranås, a small city which is also the location of Kärcher-Belos, a development company in the Kärcher group. While Kärcher as a whole covers a multitude of areas in the cleaning business for private consumers, Belos has their focus on developing and producing utility tool carriers for the public sector. CEJN met with Sales Manager Anders Gabrielsson at Belos to see how their new Multi-X Multiplate from CEJN is working out on their new machine.

"With the CEJN Multi-X and WEO, we save time at the assembly line and our users get a quick, leak-free tool changing process"

Anders Gabrielsson, Sales Manager, Kärcher-Belos

Leak-free, smooth tool change for the end user

A tool change must be smooth and clean for the user and, as a producer of machines for the public environment, emissions also need to be taken into consideration. Anders talks from his own experience when he took up the challenge of changing equipment with the help of quick-connect couplings under harsh conditions. "It's cold, there is pressure in the hoses and it's hard to connect the couplings. Often you end up hitting the couplings to release the pressure, and oil starts leaking out."

When the new utility tool carrier was designed, the team wanted to improve the connecting features and find a way to eliminate the problem of leaking components. Multi-X offered the quick tool change, the leak-free solution and was more compact than other options on the market. It would also eliminate the risk of misconnections. No more loose hoses, just one stable connection is easy to operate with one hand. Today, the Multi-X with WEO connections is successfully implemented both at the front and the back of the TransPro 4260.



Multi-X with WEO connections for quick assembly

The second improvement Kärcher-Belos wanted to implement was on their assembly line. CEJN had previously given a presentation of their leak-proof WEO plug-in coupling with an estimate of how much time Belos would save during assembling if switching from screw couplings to the quick WEO plug-in system. "As the operators on the assembly line had to operate in very narrow spaces, saving time is essential," explains Henric Karlsson, Key Account Manager at CEJN. In addition to saving time, WEO would be safer, save space, eliminate leakage and reduce future hose twisting extending service life. WEO has now been implemented on the assembly line with very good results.

Cooperation with CEJN

With CEJN, Kärcher-Belos has facilitated the tool change. "Before we had several hoses to connect, both at the front and the back. With Multi-X there are no more risk for misconnection" states Anders. "It is quick, simple and leakage free and we reduce cost".

This is the first time the two companies have collaborated and everything has run smoothly. "CEJN has been a professional partner when it comes to consulting and they have come up with advice for new solutions," states Anders. As a quality focused company, Kärcher-Belos was looking for a like-minded partner. "CEJN stands for quality and is an experienced producer of components. It´s a strong brand and we feel that CEJN strengthen our brand by adding value for our customers."


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