Energy Efficiency Gains Top Focus

Energy Efficiency Gains Top Focus

Brammer UK & CEJN UK meet industry challenge by strategic partnership

Todays competition within the industry is more challenging than ever. New regulations for energy efficiency, such as the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/12/EU, energy mapping, and increased safety regulations require companies to find new targets to meet the new conditions.

CEJN and Brammer UK both see compressed air as a very important focus area within the industry. By combining CEJN’s expertise and high flow product range in compressed air with Brammer’s vision of “Driving down the total cost of component acquisition”, a strategic partnership was born. Together we will work to increase productivity and decrease energy consumption for the UK industry.

CEJN & Brammer Team-Up

One of Europe’s leading MRO-player (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), Brammer (UK) realised that in order to meet the new conditions within the industry; they needed to look for an innovative partner. From the start, Business Development Manager Grant Chaplain from CEJN UK was able to demonstrate the huge cost savings of switching to CEJN products, with the help of CEJN’s Test Flow Meter, to Libby Peacock, Product Manager of pneumatics at Brammer UK. The goal was to convert an outdated compressed air system to an airtight, safe and effective system. CEJN UK and Brammer announced their strategic partnership at the end of 2015, and have realized an enterprising first year together.


“The Test Flow Survey Program validate to customers the 20-30% saving that can be done on their compressed air bill“

- Grant Chaplain, Business Development Manager CEJN UK 

Flow Test Survey Program

CEJN and Brammer will work closely to identify customers’ potential savings with a Test Flow Survey Program. Through this program, the partners will be able to compare current compressed air status to one equipped with CEJN eSafe products and, consequently, present a cost saving solution. The program is carried out in two steps:

  1. The CEJN Test Flow Meter is used to compare clients’ current coupling-hose-tool installation to one equipped with CEJN products.
  2. Brammer calculates the result and presents an in-depth cost-saving report to the customer, which in most cases will provide the customer about 20-30% savings on their compressed air bill. Additional benefits not shown by the meter are increased productivity, a safer work environment and long lasting, quality products.
Watch a demonstration of the Flow Meter.

Why CEJN is the key

Brammer teamed up with CEJN because of the high performing, high flow, leak-free and low friction pneumatic technology that we offer our customers, which translate into energy savings and increased productivity. In terms of products the focus will be on two key areas: CEJN’s pneumatics range (low friction PUR hose, hose reels, blow guns and quick connect couplings) and the FRL high flow range.