MultiFLOW air and fluid guns

Safety product OSHA compliant Washdown

Safety blow guns with adjustable flow and nozzle

Technical data

Max. working pressure 16 bar (232 PSI)
Min. burst pressure 64 bar (928 PSI)
Material POM, TPE, Aluminum, Steel
Media Air and non-explosive water based liquids

Premium performance blowgun with adjustable flow

CEJN’s MultiFLOW blowgun effectively cleans surfaces with air or water with unparalleled blowing force. Precise flow is achieved by adjustable flow settings. Nozzle adjusts from narrow jet to wide beam. The MultiFLOW meets and exceeds OSHA safety standards when dead-ended.

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The professional's must-have air & fluid gun

  • Unmatched blowing force
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Non-slip grip
  • Meets OSHA safety standards

Full control of the flow

The flow can be controlled conveniently from the wheel on the handle with a flow ranging from 200 to 1200 l/min for air or 5-25 l/min for fluids.



MultiFLOW goes Multi-Purpose with exchangeable nozzles

The MultiFLOW air and fluid guns can be equipped with different nozzles which makes it suitable for any application whether it is for fluids or for compressed air.

Jet nozzle with precise flow adjustment

The adjustable jet nozzle will let you adjust the flow to just the right settings for your requirements. The nozzle is steplessly adjusted from narrow jet to wide beam.

Star-tip - The safety nozzle

The star-tip nozzle diverts the air when dead-ended making it OSHA compliant. It also has a lower sound level than other nozzles which makes the star-tip nozzle an excellent choice for the everyday blowgun requirements.


Straight nozzle for narrow spaces

The straight tube nozzle for air is ideal for a concentrated blowing force in narrow spaces.

Multi-purpose fluid nozzle

The adjustable fluid nozzle is designed specifically for fluids. Flow pattern can easily be adjusted from narrow jet to fine mist for watering. The plastic nozzle edges prevent damage on surfaces.


The world's most copied blowgun

CEJN has built and designed blowguns for more than 60 years. Every new model has taken a step further within safety, ergonomy, performance and durability. Numerous field tests and design studies have led to the current selection of high-performance blowguns. The design and color can easily be copied. The know-how, experience and performance can not be copied. Specifically look for the CEJN brand to ensure safety and performance.

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Safe, airtight compressed air systems

Safe, airtight compressed air systems

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