208 blow guns

OSHA compliant

The 208 blow gun is the de facto standard for compressed air blow guns, engineered for high flow performance and comfort. The 208 features a lightweight and robust body and a smart ergonomic design to allow multiple grip positions and storage options. OSHA compliant versions are available and there is a large selection of nozzles available, also including multiple OSHA compliant safety nozzles.

Technical data

Min. burst pressure (bar) 64 bar (928 PSI)
Material POM (body), brass (tube)
Media Air and non-explosive water based liquids

The classic blow gun for high comfort and performance

The CEJN Series 208 blow gun has a valve package that enables it to handle both air as well as non-explosive fluids. The Series is offered in several styles, including standard full-flow, noise-reducing Star-Tip, and a pressure-regulated safety version. Various tubes and tips are available to meet specific application requirements.


Durable design

The blow gun is designed using carefully selected components and engineered with a high attention to detail. This ensures that it is a high-quality air and fluid gun, set to be an efficient companion for many years. "Built to last" is an integral part of CEJN's sustainability commitment for all CEJN products, and this blow gun is no exception.

Lightweight and ergonomic

The lightweight plastic body and user-centered design ensure ergonomic comfort for both left- and right-handed users during all blowing or spraying operations.

High performance with precise flow control

Supreme flow performance is the result of a thoroughly tested internal design with minimal flow obstruction. The trigger spring force is carefully balanced for precise airflow control.

Flexible hanging options

The blow guns feature a conventional hook for horizontal (a) or vertical (b) hanging positions. It can be hung around a pipe or edge (c) up to 25 mm in diameter or with a tube insert (d). Another hanging option is the magnetic holder that is available as an accessory. The magnet can be attached to a wall or other solid surface.

Multiple grip positions

The intelligent design is based on results from extensive field testing and enables efficient and ergonomic use from any angle. It provides a comfortable grip for various tasks, including connection and disconnection.


The world's most copied blow gun

CEJN has built and designed blow guns for more than 60 years. Every new model has taken a step further in safety, ergonomy, performance and durability. Numerous field tests and design studies have led to the current selection of high-performance blow guns. The design and colour can easily be copied. The know-how, experience and performance can not be copied. Specifically, look for the CEJN brand to ensure safety and performance.


Work safely and efficiently using nozzles fit for the job

To work safely with CEJN's compressed air blow guns is mainly about choosing the proper nozzle for the job. There is a wide range of nozzles and many are safety nozzles that fulfill and exceed the OSHA requirements in terms of blowing force when dead-ended and noise levels. All CEJN blow guns can be fitted with safety nozzles and we always recommend using safety nozzles to maintain a high level of safety. Look for the 'OK' symbol for OSHA-compliant nozzles and the 'ear' symbol for nozzles with reduced noise according to EU Machine Directive §1.5.8.

Blow gun nozzles
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Blow gun nozzles

Safety first - Look out for these symbols

The "OK" symbol indicates fulfillment of the safety requirements stated by OSHA when dead-ending occurs. Static pressure at the orifice will not exceed 2 bar (30 PSI). 

Star-tip tube, Star-tip extension tube, Tube regulator, Silencer, Silencer nozzle, Air curtain nozzle, Bypass nozzle, Venturi nozzle

The "ear" symbol indicates a sound level below 85 dB(A) and fulfillment of requirements of the EU Machine Directive §1.5.8 concerning noise reduction demands.

Star-tip tube, Star-tip extension tubeSilencer, Silencer nozzle

Compliance with the above-listed directives is measured at 6 bar (87 PSI) inlet pressure.


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Safe, airtight compressed air systems

Safe, airtight compressed air systems

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