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CEJN Stream-Line compressed air hose kits are ready-to-use kits that make it easy to acquire suitable hose and coupling combinations for pneumatic applications. No tools are required to set it up, and it does not require follow-up tightening. The kits are available in several pre-configured combinations of quick couplings with the CEJN Stream-Line polyurethane hose or the anti-static rubber hose. Some configurations include the eSafe Stream-Line couplings and nipples for reusable and leak-free hose connections and hi-vis hose for increased workplace safety.

Technical data

Temperature range hose -20 — +60, -20 — +100 °C
Working pressure range 10, 10-16, 12 bar
Hose material Antistatic EPDM Rubber, PUR, PUR, PUR Hi-Vis

Ready-to-use hose kits with market-leading performance

CEJN pre-assembled hose kits come as either complete hose kits carefully assembled with couplings or with threaded connections where you can install your own couplings. The ready-to-use hose kits with eSafe reusable quick couplings and nipples are safely assembled and tightness-tested. No follow-up tightening is required.


Stream-Line - Reusable fittings

The Stream-Line version of eSafe is a version with reusable nipples and connectors that easily can be removed from the hose and attached to a new hose. With an easy maneuver and a few basic tools you have a new hose kit ready to go.


Choose the right hose for your requirements 

  EPDM Braided
Prevents electrostatic build-up
Straight Braided
Durable and wide temperature range
Straight non-braided
Light and flexible
Spiral non-braided
Recoil ability and crimp resistance
Material EPDM rubber Ester-based Polyurethane (PUR) Ester-based Polyurethane (PUR) Ester-based Polyurethane (PUR)
Max. working pressure 12 bar 16 bar (anti-spark 14 bar) 10 bar 10 bar
Available as:        
Hi-Vis - -
Anti-spark - -
Antistatic - - -
Stream-line -
Available in pre-assembled hose kits - -

Get the job done faster and safer while saving energy

The eSafe quick couplings for compressed air are designed for safe operation with vented disconnection to avoid potential dangerous hose whipping effects and the high sound upon disconnection that too often is associated with compressed air. It's also designed with one of the market's best pressure drop performance. That will give you more power for your tools - which is key in order for compressed air to be energy efficient.
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eSafe coupling demonstration

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Safe, airtight compressed air systems

Safe, airtight compressed air systems

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