Reino Hedman at Midroc Electro AB demonstrates some leakage points and areas of actual danger.

Reino Hedman at Midroc Electro AB demonstrates some leakage points and areas of actual danger.

THE COST OF COMPRESSED AIR is high and increasing every day. Experts are focused on how we can develop new forms of energy supply, but Reino Hedman General Manager at Midroc Electro AB a company active in leakage control and system optimization is interested in how we can save what we already have. Saving energy is crucial, both for the sake of the environment but also the economical advantages for the company. “Often the payoff seems too good to be true” says Reino.

LEAKAGE CONTROL is the quickest way to save energy and the return of investment is normally 3-6 months. Reino states that the normal leakage on a site rounds up to about 20%-30% of the total energy consumption and hose clamps are often the weakest link.“A company can lose many thousands of Euro in hose clamps alone. Just a one millimetre hole costs around 800 Euro every year. ”Midroc often gets contacted when the leakage is obvious because you can actually hear it, but Reino also wants to add that the leakage you can´t hear rounds up to about 800-1200 Euro yearly. He continues: “When there are leakages the compressor needs to work harder to provide enough air to the tools and this is where you start losing money”.


“I definitely recommend CEJN because they have the best coupling on the market!”

Reino Hedman Midroc Electro AB


THE RIGHT PRODUCT AT THE RIGHT PLACE is the next step in the process of optimizing a production site. Even if ineffective hoses are replaced and leaking clamps removed it´s also about the right product and knowledge about air consumption. On the question of what theright product is, Reino replies “A high efficiency coupling with a design that permits lower energy consumption and still allows high tool performance. Like the CEJN eSafe with stream-line connection. It´s the best on the market!”. Reino also explains that a well-designed blowgun like the CEJN MultiFLOWis optimal because of its high blowing power and minimal air consumption. “Many people get what they think is a cheaper product, but what they do not know is that the air runs right through it. By getting an optimized blowgun you start saving money immediately.” Reino continues talking compressor power and explains that optimized products put less stress on the compressor. “With the right products you can run your system on lower pressure and save money!”. Good for the economy and the environment.