Quick coupling solutions for railway vehicles

The reliability of trains arriving on time depends on the reliability of even the smallest components such as the quick connectors. CEJN provides high-quality quick coupling solutions for pneumatics, hydraulics and thermal management to improve the maintenance and operation of railway vehicles. Quality-focused products will help improve the maintenance efficiency and reliability of your rolling stock.


This is how quick couplings help improve the operation and maintenance of railway vehicles:

  • Non-drip quick couplings enable pre-filled parts for easier maintenance of thermal management systems
  • Safety-assured high-pressure hydraulic couplings for safer maintenance with hydraulic jacks and bearing replacements with oil injection
  • Efficient manufacturing and maintenance using compressed air tools and high-flow safety couplings
  • Custom-made quick-connect solutions upon request in both existing and new applications and for any kind of fluid



The benefits of working with pre-filled cooling modules for power electronics

  • Saves time on maintenance

  • No need for draining and filling when disconnecting and connecting

  • Guaranteed no spill with quality clean-break quick couplings

Quick couplings for on-board cooling

For the cooling of frequency converters and electronic control systems, pre-filled cooling modules make maintenance much easier. With non-spill dry-break quick couplings, liquid-cooled IGBT Power stacks can easily be installed or replaced. Couplings are available for all types of fluids and are tested for reliability over long period of time.


Increased efficiency with the right choice of quick coupling

Choosing the right quick coupling is important for the overall efficiency of the liquid cooling system. The type of seal, material and design all has an effect on the overall performance.

Learning the difference between different quick couplings and which features to look for is the key to designing an efficient and profitable liquid cooling system.


Quick Connect Couplings:
A Critical Component in Liquid Thermal Management Solutions


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Customized engineering solutions

All parts of the train don't have a standard solution. In terms of design, there are challenges with space and other specific requirements that demand specially designed solutions that are unique for the specific application, i.e. train tilting systems, braking systems and other solutions requiring reliable connections.

CEJN can assist you with custom-made quick coupling solutions. We can provide couplings from an existing design drawing or create new custom-made designs of quick coupling solutions.

Our CEJN engineers have more than 500 years of combined experience in quick coupling technology and our production capacity ranges from small volumes of specially engineered quick coupling solutions to high-volume standard products.


Engineering solutions



Safety products for high-pressure maintenance operations

The ultra-high pressure hydraulic range of products consists of safe and reliable quick couplings and hoses for pressures up to 58,000 PSI (4000 bar), a perfect fit for oil injection and wheel replacement operations. The hand pumps are capable of pressures up to 40,6000 PSI (2800 bar) and are a handy companion for daily maintenance operations, giving the power to lift more than 100 tonnes without much effort.

“We are in the rescue and recovery business of railway operations globally. Every component of the re-railing system must be safe, reliable and of the highest quality’” 

- Anirudh Mohta, Managing Director - Technical at Bemco Hydraulics


How Bemco Hydraulics optimizes re-railing operations with safe equipment for ultra high-pressure hydraulics > 

CEJN Identification System (CiS)

CiS is a tracking solution in which every hose kit is chipped and has an individual marking and traceability based on Near Field Communication technology. This means that you can check the technical data for the hose kit and can also view an updated history log: when the hose kit was first and most recently pressure-tested and when it is time to take it out of service.

Learn more about CIS >

Safety lock secures the connection

A quick and smooth locking ring gives extended security to your connection. Screw locks are sometimes considered by users to be time-consuming and left unscrewed. With the safety lock on the ultra high-pressure quick couplings, unintentional disconnection is practically eliminated, just a quick twist of the bayonet lock and your hydraulic coupling is secured.


How to work safely with Ultra High-Pressure Hydraulics


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Optimize the performance of your compressed air system with eSafe safety couplings

  • More power to your tools with high-flow quick couplings
  • Low-noise connection and disconnection without recoil
  • Tested for durability and performance after many years of use

Up to 69% higher efficiency with eSafe safety couplings


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