Multi-X connection during residual pressure

All Multi-X male plates are equipped with pressure eliminator nipples to make it possible to connect the plates with residual pressure in the system. By puncturing the pressure, without spillage, it allows for a smooth connection even at a high residual pressure (up to 350 bar) (5076 PSI). The self-aligning WEO connection removes the torsion in the hose, a common issue when using ordinary fittings, making it easy to align and connect the plates.

Multi-X is fully in line with CEJN’s objective to supply the market with products that result in clean and leak-free hydraulic systems. The WEO Plug-in fitting is a leak-free connection with many other benefits and the spill-free flat-face multi-connection assures prevention of spillage and leakage at the same time as it minimizes the risk of contamination of the hydraulic system. Contamination is one of the most common reasons for failures in hydraulic systems.

Multi-X is easily operated with one hand on the lever and one hand guiding the moving plate during both connection and disconnection. The ergonomic lever placed perpendicular to the hydraulic lines keeps the operator's hands safe. The locking button secures the lever when connected and prevents unintentional disconnection.