Technical Specifications

Air Flow
Measured within an accuracy of ±5%. The unit used is Nl/min and stands for normal air liter per minute at +20°C (+68°F) and 1.01325 bar (14.69595 PSI).

Water Flow
Measured within an accuracy of ±5%. The unit used is "l/min" and stands for liter per minute.

Oil Flow
The oil flow is measured within an accuracy of ±5%. The flow rate is valid at viscosity 30 cSt
(30 mm2/s)

Working Pressure
Specified in bar, PSI or MPa, depending on product area and geographical market. The working pressure is often stipulated in the varying national and international standards for quick connect coupling.

Burst Pressure
Measured in bar within an accuracy of ±3%.

CE Marking
EU's Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC does not apply to pneumatic couplings, due to pressure constraints and total unit responsibility requirements.

Connection Force
Measured in Newton (N) at 6 bar inlet pressure.

Sound Level
Measured at a distance of 1 meter in front of and 1 meter beside a 90° angle in front of the object. The unit used is dB (A) and stands for decibel on the A scale.

Temperature Range
Measured in Celsius within an accuracy of ±2°C.

Coupling series intended for vacuum can withstand 70% of absolute vacuum.

Measured in grams (g) at a 10-piece average.