3 vital reasons to install hose reels in your workshop

3 vital reasons to install hose reels in your workshop

Does your workshop use hoses? Then you might be familiar with hoses lying around the floor causing tripping hazards. Continue reading. There is a simple solution to this problem: hose reels. Here are three vital reasons why.


1. Safety

The first argument is, of course, safety. With hoses and cables lying on the floor, there is always a tripping hazard. By using hose reels, the hoses are stored off the floor and tripping hazards thereby prevented. Furthermore, a safety reel with slow retraction guides the hose back onto its case nicely and smoothly without any risk of injuring people or damaging surrounding objects due to high retraction speed causing uncontrolled hose movements.



2. Ergonomics

When using hoses and cable reels, you do not have to drag or carry the hoses and cables across the floor. This will save both time and prevent injury. Hoses may also be getting stuck or kinked when dragged between objects, such as machinery, etc. Using hose and cable reels also increases production efficiency as it is always at the right place, either installed on the wall or on the ceiling, making it easy to access whenever needed.



3. Wear and tear

With hoses and cables kept off the floor, there will be less wear and risk for damage. Hoses and cables lying on the floor can easily be damaged, which could result in costly leakages, etc. By keeping them off the floor, this risk is minimized.


Different types of hose reels for different environments

Depending on the work environment, the hose reels are chosen accordingly. If working in normal workshop environments, a closed plastic hose reel with a PUR hose might be the ideal choice for compressed air. If you need a cable reel that can withstand contact with water, an IP65 classified hose reel is the right choice, whereas working in harsh environments, a sturdy stainless steel open reel might be the best option.

At CEJN, we offer various hose reels options for water, electricity, or compressed air, with open or closed cases, different lengths, and dimensions.


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