Hand crank hose reels

Heavy duty

The manual steel reel with hand crank is a robust and durable solution for hose management. It has a sturdy construction and is enhanced by a powder-coated finish, ensuring resistance to corrosion and durability in challenging environments. The hose reel features a reliable hand crank mechanism for smooth hose retraction and a locking pin to secure the reel in the desired position. It can be used with compressed air, water or breathing air. The reel has specific seals and lubrication that make the hose reel approved for breathing air applications, provided an appropriate breathing air hose is installed.

Technical data

Material hose Hoseless
Reel material Steel
Media reels Compressed air, Water or other fluids, Breathing air

Fully equipped with features – just add the hose

When effective hose management and reliability are the main focus, the manual steel reels combine simplicity with smart features that make the hand crank reels a reliable and easy-to-use hose reel for heavy industries and challenging environments. It can easily be fitted with a hose of choice, and you are good to go.

  • Easy hose installation
  • Robust and durable with a powder-coated steel finish
  • Approved for use with breathing air

Handle rotation stop

Manual safety mechanism that prevents the handle from rotating during unwinding of the hose.

Foldable handle

The handle can be folded for more compact storage and transport.

Adjustable rotation speed

The adjustable clutch enables precise control over the drum's rotation speed while unwinding the hose.


High-quality swivel joint

It has a metal swivel joint and high-quality gaskets to ensure superior durability and leak-proof performance.

Drum rotation lock

The rotation lock is a manual locking pin that stops the drum from rotating even when subject to heavy vibrations.

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