Supplier Profile & Manual

Being a supplier to CEJN means being a fully qualified and reliable provider of competence into our value chain. Having been chosen requires an attitude of continuous improvement and a spirit to always strive for competitive excellence, efficiency and added value in the daily operations. To secure and develop your position you need to share our values, be available, competitive, ambitious, agile and always aligned with our own as well as our customer’s requirements. We always encourage our suppliers to give us input with creative ideas and initiatives that can lead to further strengthening of our co-operation and we are always considerate when looking at the possibility of sharing the results of achievements originating from such initiatives.

We expect our suppliers to always keep their promises and to never promise anything they cannot keep. This goes for any commitment, confirmation or whatever supplier statement which has formed the base for our own promise or commitment to our own customer.  

Download our Supplier Manual with guidelines for CEJN-suppliers
Supplier manual CEJN.pdf