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eSafe coupling demonstration


eSafe - The high-performing safety coupling

- Increased productivity and maximized safety

The eSafe standard quick connect coupling series from CEJN, can cut your energy consumption by up to 30%*. The high flow enhances your tool performance; the positive outcome being increased productivity. The secret behind this innovative and patented safety coupling is the highest flow on the market combined with a low pressure drop.

During disconnection, eSafe vents the down steaming pressure, eliminating recoil and reducing noise level. In addition, eSafe has a low connecting force, compact and easy to grip design which makes it the natural choice when choosing a high performing safety product. It is built for durability and has many other benefits that will give you a reliable product for years to come.

* The total saving of up to 30% is obtained if combining CEJN eSafe with CEJN PUR hoses.


eSafe Couplings & Nipples


Guide to optimize the effect in compressed air systems

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