CEJN Safety Reel - The New Generation Of Hose Reels

CEJN Safety Reel - The New Generation Of Hose Reels

CEJN Safety Reel - The New Generation Of Hose Reels

Let us introduce the future of high-performance hose reels. Safety was a top priority in its design, demonstrated by features such as its slow, guided retraction. Our patented full-flow design demonstrates excellent performance. Each component has been designed with durability in mind for long-term use, heavy wear and
challenging conditions.

When we set out to design the next generation of hose reels, the primary goal was to produce a safe, high-performance product, improved in every single detail regarding material and design. We now offer premium quality reels that provide your tools a high flow and low pressure drop to maximise their output. They ensure safe everyday use with strong hose retraction to securely and precisely guide the hose into the casing. Our sturdy reels are designed so the hose can be replaced thus extending the life span. In addition to using the best materials in every component, you will find improvements in maintenance, including the development of the quick and safe hose-change feature.

The new CEJN hose reel collection can be adapted to use with air, water and electricity, These are our safety reels, all designed with CEJN’s core company values: safety, performance, quality, innovation and
protecting the environment.

Open Safety Reels

- Our new addition to the CEJN hose reel family

In order to offer a wider line of products, we have expanded our range to include large, open reels with controlled rewind for heavy applications.

You will experience an excellent performance with a compact high-flow swivel and a large chassi and frame that accomodates longer length and larger dimensions of hoses. To ensure long lasting durability the heavy duty steel reel has a powder coated finish for wear and challenging conditions and a unique axle with dual support system for maximum stability.