UQDB couplings

OCP (Open Compute Project) Liquid cooling Dry break

The Universal Quick Disconnect blind-mate (UQDB) coupling for data center applications is developed within the OCP (Open Compute Project) initiative, an initiative that has established a new global standard within the data center industry community for quick connect couplings. Compact design, blind-mate function and +/- 1 mm radial misalignment tolerance are features that makes this coupling solution a perfect fit for Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) applications within the data center segment.

Technical data

Nominal flow diameter (mm) 3.20, 6.40 mm
Max working pressure (bar) 10 bar
Material coupling Stainless steel (AISI 303)

The universal quick disconnect blind-mate coupling for DLC applications

CEJN has long experience in quick coupling technology for thermal management, and our expertise has made us one of the contributors to the Open Compute Project (OCP) – a collaborative community developing interchangeable quick coupling solutions for liquid cooling systems.

The OCP UQDB is a non-drip quick connect coupling solution with blind-mate function developed within the Open Compute Project (OCP) initiative. Together with its compact design and +/- 1 mm radial misalignment tolerance, it is a perfect fit for Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) applications within the data center segment. 


  • Interchangeable with OCP UQDB
  • Spill-free 
  • Compact design
  • UL-IEC 62368-1 G.15.2.3 approved EPDM seal
  • Facilitates hot swaps
  • +/- 1 mm radial misalignment tolerance
  • Double O-ring seal for redundancy and extra leak protection 
  • O-ring Boss threads (ISO 11926-3) as standard, other connections available upon request

CEJN and the Open Compute Project

CEJN has been involved in the OCP UQDB project from the conceptual phase through testing to fostering collaboration among coupling manufacturers within the OCP initiative. With all the necessary competence and resources in-house, we maintain full control over the complete supply chain, from the designing phase, testing, and production to delivery.

Learn more about CEJN’s contribution to the OCP community here


Wide offer of high-performing coupling solutions for the data center industry

Whether you need a coupling solution for liquid cooling in the applications of Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC), Coolant Distribution Units (CDU), or Immersion Cooling, you can rest assured that our wide offer will meet and exceed your specific needs and requirements. 

Quick coupling solutions for liquid cooling in Data Centers
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Quick coupling solutions for liquid cooling in Data Centers

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UQDB flow charts

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