ultraFLOW SC quick couplings

Liquid cooling Flat Face Non-drip Stainless steel

The ultraFLOW SC is a special version of ultraFLOW with threaded connection or double ferrule tube fittings. It is made of stainless steel and is specifically designed for the liquid cooling systems in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The flat-face design ensures no spill upon connection or disconnection and it has high flow capacity, low pressure drop and long-term reliability, making it an ideal quick coupling for liquid cooling applications.

Technical data

Nominal flow diameter (mm) 5.0, 12.0 mm
Max working pressure (bar) 10 - 20 bar

Quick connect couplings for a flexible manufacturing process

Quick connect couplings enable a smoother manufacturing process as they quickly and easily disconnect different parts of the liquid cooling system, resulting in an effective cooling procedure. CEJN offers reliable and specially designed quick connectors for the semiconductor industry, ensuring no spill at disconnection eliminating the risks of contamination in sensitive environments. 


6 reasons to use CEJN ultraFLOW SC quick connect couplings: 

  • Enables a flexible manufacturing process
  • Guarantees no spill 
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable 
  • Includes double ferrule tube fittings
  • Low pressure drop

Specially designed with double ferrule tube fittings 

CEJN ultraFLOW is the ideal choice to keep the temperature in chiller devices under control when the etching process with thinner and thinner lines requires extremely low temperatures. 

Especially for the semiconductor industry, CEJN has designed a special variant of the ultraFLOW quick connect coupling including double ferrule tube fittings. This connection is made to meet the most demanding specifications required within semiconductor manufacturing, among other industrial applications. The double ferrule tube fitting will to a greater extent ensure a quick, safe and spill-free disconnection of different parts of the system, such as tubes, pipes and hoses. 

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