Purchasing Policy

We conduct our purchasing work with a focus on long-term relationships, sustainability, risk reduction, competitiveness, and growth. We carefully select our suppliers based on their willingness and ability to share our core values, take social responsibility, adhere to defined code of conduct rules, business goals and strategic ambitions, and we therefore honor such supplier relationships, based on these fundamental business principles, ethical and professional behaviors, with the aim of a long-term and successful business relationship.

We promote those suppliers who demonstrate adherence to plans, good goal attainment, progress, and continuous improvement in these areas. Our long-term ambition is to build a flexible, resilient, sustainable, and competitive supplier network that can develop together with CEJN towards future continued success. We regard supplier relationships as a marriage and therefore we carefully select who and whom we want to work together with. We therefore also believe that a divorce is usually costly and therefore we strive for long-term relationships based on the principles mentioned above.

We continuously perform risk assessments of our supplier portfolio and, based on these results, we take preventive measures to reduce identified risks that could cause disruptions in our supply chain.

We achieve success by:

  • closely follow external and market developments, changes in the trading environment, regulations, and conditions as well as our own customers' behavior, needs and requirements.
  • define concrete operational goals and key figures (KPIs).
  • give our suppliers the best possible conditions so that they can perform in accordance with our specific goals and requirements.
  • ensure that our own organization is well defined, structured, and competent to be able to work effectively in accordance with our strategies, activities, goals and according to defined processes.
  • minimize all deviations and push for fundamentally improving development work.
  • follow our internal code of conduct VH0650 and ensure that our suppliers comply with the rules and requirements specified in our supplier manual VH3031 regarding, among other things, code of conduct and social responsibility (CSR).

Our selected group 1 and 2 suppliers according to VH0640 must have a quality management system according to ISO 9001 or equivalent and an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 or equivalent. Alternatively, have a clear ambition and time and action plan to implement such management systems (see also VH03074 regarding environmental requirements for suppliers specifically).