Purchase Policy

We actively work with a high standard of business-conduct and ethics, together with our chosen suppliers, towards the lowest possible total cost and efficiency with an accuracy and reliability in our daily behavior. By carefully monitoring our own customer´s expectations, our overall obligations and our environment we are continuously evolving an efficient supplier base for profitable growth with recognition of excellence in our performance and results. 

We achieve measurable success through:

  • Long-term and respectful relations with approved and accountable suppliers who share our fundamental values and principals.
  • Performance-oriented and structured supplier co-operations with measurable targets and challenging objectives.
  • Minimization of supplier deviations by continuous improvements and development.
  • Benchmark activities and supplier market research for new prospect opportunities.
  • Continuously working with result-oriented supplier-related projects and activities.

We chose to cooperate with suppliers who:

  • Share our fundamental values and principles and who are always fully aligned with our code-of-conduct requirements.
  • Follows international rules and regulations for human rights, national labor- and environmental laws.
  • Fulfills our technical and commercial demands on supplied goods or services. 
  • Have the right communication skills, logistic solutions and administrative routines in place for an efficient trade of goods or services.
  • Have the appropriate management-, process- and quality systems in place.

All of our suppliers are grouped into strategic, prioritized or conventional suppliers and our ongoing supplier development work is targeted towards maneuvering the complete supplier portfolio into the strategic and prioritized supplier segments.  

Our fundamental values are built on the following foundations:

  • A good and healthy supplier co-operation is built on professionalism, trust, responsibility and accountability by all parties involved. A co-operation built on these principals will lead to respect and a long-term relation.
  • With professionalism we mean the appropriate competence, behavior and ability to delivery expected results.
  • We have a considerate and precautionary view on all human relations and our environment.
  • Continuous improvements and increased efficiencies are a natural and daily part of work behavior and culture.
  • Decisions and corrective actions are always based on measurable and objective factors.