Quick couplings

Reliable and safe quick coupling solutions for compressed air, low to ultra high-pressure hydraulics, gases, breathing air, water and other fluids. Our wide range of quick couplings consists of both couplings and nipples (also known as sockets and plugs) in many different materials: steel, stainless steel, brass or aluminium to suit any type of fluid or media. Quick couplings are also known as quick couplers, quick connects, quick disconnects (QD), quick connect couplings, quick connectors, push-to-connect fittings or quick release couplings (QRC). Many different types of couplings are available to fit any requirement: valved and valveless quick couplings, multi-couplings, auto-couplings, flat-face couplings, dry-break, non-drip and non-spill quick couplings. CEJN couplings are distinguished by high attention to detail, unique safety features, high flow rate and low pressure drop. A low pressure drop will save energy and provide higher tool and system efficiency.