ChulHwan Kim, Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy Busan

ChulHwan Kim, Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy Busan

"Without high-pressure components we cannot do our job, and without the CEJN products we cannot guarantee safety,” ChulHwan Kim, Head of the MAN PrimeServ Academy Busan, said. And when asked about the on going cooperation with CEJN, one-day safety training with a focus on quick connect couplings, his message is clear and positive: “Safety is one of our core values and with CEJN by our side we are strengthening our brand.”

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines, manufactured both by the company and by its licensees. MAN also provides strong after-sales service including the customer technical training under its global service brand MAN PrimeServ, represented in all key markets around the world. The hubs are equipped with advanced technology for performing repairs with the aim of training engineers, technicians and engine operators who need to upgrade their skills with regard to tools, ultra high-pressure hydraulic products and safety. Around 1000 participants come to expand their knowledge at the Academy on a yearly basis.

CEJN meets up with ChulHwan Kim, who is Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy, Busan. Mr Kim is responsible for making sure that training at the Busan facility runs smoothly and is high quality, both theoretically and practically. He has spent the last five years improving education at MAN and before that he was a ship engineer for seven years. This background makes him quite knowledgeable with regard to the target group and a good fit for running the Academy. 

 ”Our goal is to make sure our customers work safely. CEJN helps us ensure this goal” 
- ChulHwan Kim, Head of MAN PrimeServ Academy, Busan.

CEJN safety training at MAN 

CEJN has been a MAN supplier of ultra high-pressure hydraulic couplings for decades due to its reputable high-quality products and safety mind-set. The parties have now launched a more in-depth collaboration, resulting in CEJN hosting safety training for MAN customers at their facility.  “MAN and CEJN share the same core value of safety and our vision is zero accidents. Consequently, it was logical to link up with CEJN for this safety training,” explains Mr Kim. It all started when Mr Kim participated in a safety training course focusing on quick connect hydraulic couplings at the CEJN training centre in Busan. “It was kind of a wake-up call, as I did not care so much about safety before,” explains Mr Kim, and continues “We planned to host the training by ourselves at first, but decided to leave it to CEJN with their in-depth knowledge”. And the customer response has been beyond expectation.

Win-win for both brands

CEJN feels honored to be the chosen partner of such a large and reputable company as MAN, and it is nice to hear that MAN thinks so highly of CEJN. After all, safety is what CEJN wants to be known for. Mr Kim proudly shows off their training hall with CEJN products, a representation of the reality out there. He grabs a series 125 ultra high-pressure hydraulic coupling, attached to a bolt tensioner: “Without these products we cannot do our job and without the CEJN products we cannot guarantee safety”. He concludes by saying that MAN hopes for future cooperation with CEJN where we continue to guarantee safety at the academy as well as for our customers. “We want CEJN here in order to strengthen our brand as a safety-focused company”.