TLX couplings

Heavy duty Flat Face Safety Lock

Flat-face twist-lock couplings for hydraulics

Technical data

Max working pressure connected (bar) 380 - 420 bar (5511 - 6091 PSI)
Min. burst pressure connected (bar) 1520 - 1680 bar (22045 - 24366 PSI)
Material coupling Steel (Zinc-Nickel)

The couplings that will stand when the others fall

CEJN presents the TLX Series – Hydraulic Flat-Face Twist Lock Couplings made for the toughest construction and demolition applications. This super-duty quick connect coupling is designed to work with the highest surge flows and the toughest pressure impulses.


High-quality execution

TLX is made of high alloy steel and critical components are hardened for maximum performance. The surface treatment is Zinc-Nickel which is by far the best surface treatment of steel available. The TLX is a spill-free coupling and fully in line with CEJN’s ambition to supply products for clean and leak-free hydraulic systems. The Series is available in sizes from ” to 1 ½” to cover most applications.


Extremely high resilience to surge flows

The most common reason for failure of screw-to-connect couplings in heavy duty applications is high surge flows. This surge flow can be several times higher than the ordinary flow rate in the machine and is the cause of many coupling failures. Instead of using bulky and oversized couplings at much higher cost, the smarter solution is called TLX.


Products for heavy duty applications

Each time a coupling break results in a costly standstill and endless frustration for the operator. Machines within construction and demolition require components and equipment that can stand up to the heavy pressure impulses and high surge flows. Quality products save a lot of that money and frustration. CEJN products like the TLX flat-face couplings, ADX auto-dock couplings and the Multi-X multi-couplings set the bar for quality and performance within heavy duty hydraulic applications.

Manuals and brochures

Clean and Leak-Free Hydraulic Systems

Clean and Leak-Free Hydraulic Systems

Instruction videos

How to install CEJN TLX on hydraulic attachments
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How to install CEJN TLX on hydraulic attachments
How to change the seal on CEJN TLX coupling
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How to change the seal on CEJN TLX coupling

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