The CEJN TLX coupling is the perfect fit for heavy duty applications

The CEJN TLX coupling is the perfect fit for heavy duty applications

"The coupling that will stand when the others fall"

As a member of a foundation and pile driving construction crew, meeting unexpected challenges is part of the job. Large soil quakes, high soil damping, increased soil resistance or greater soil strength than anticipated are examples of adverse soil conditions to name a few. Not only does the soil affect working conditions, it can set the piles at risk of damage. Since the earth's condition is out of a construction worker's hands, situations like these can be unpredictable and difficult to prevent. What on the other hand can be prevented, is leakage in the hydraulic system of the pile driver or drilling rig machine.

High surge flow is the most common reason why screw-to-connect couplings fail in heavy duty applications. When it comes to foundation construction, extreme surge flow occurs due to high pressure right when the piling or drilling rigs are pushed through the ground. This surge flow is much greater, if not multiple times greater, than the flow rate that usually goes through the machine. And piling and drilling rigs are no small equipment. In contrast, their engines are powerful and are constructed to cope with potentially difficult ground conditions that require nothing less than high quality applications. Fortunately, CEJN got the needs covered.

Our Flat-Face twist lock coupling, CEJN TLX, has extremely high resilience to surge flows which prevents the coupling from failure and practically eliminates the risk of oil leakage - an environmental friendly feature. Moreover, another benefit of the product is that it is cost efficient. In many cases where hydraulic couplings fail to handle the pressure, the issue is followed by a large number of coupling swaps required in a short period of time. The difference with the pure, simple and robust CEJN coupling is that it is designed to handle the pressure impulses and survive a long life in the harshest construction conditions. In the long term, machine downtime and repair costs are minimized which only leads us to the simple conclusion: TLX is a durable solution.

The many features of the hydraulic coupling have resulted in a multitude of customers replacing their couplings to CEJN TLX, and the connector is now used in a wide range in the foundation industry. The Super-Duty coupling is typically used either in the hose connections between power pack, valve package and drill rig, or for the connection of different attachments, like rotary drill and hammer drill. The fields of application are many for CEJN TLX.

Having a coupling failure is probably the last thing a pile driving worker wants to deal with, and worrying about whether a coupling is up to performance or not should not be on the list of challenges in this industry. There is no question that the CEJN TLX tagline "The coupling that will stand when the others fall" not only is an excellent definition of what the coupling is capable of, but also proves where CEJN sets the bar when it comes to quality and performance.