Power pack is “powerful” with CEJN hydraulic couplings

Power pack is “powerful” with CEJN hydraulic couplings


"Our workshop is like a fire brigade, it has to be fast and safe". These are the words of Andreas Künzler, head workshop supervisor of the company Grund- und Tiefbau AG Solothurn, special civil engineering. Special civil engineering requires, as the name implies, special know-how, which G+T has with its core competencies in the sheet piling, vibrating and pressing.

G+T AG Solothurn operates with its approximately 26 employees and its fleet of modern construction machinery on major construction sites throughout Switzerland. For ramming sheet pile walls, large machines with corresponding vibrating chambers are used. Sheet piling secures construction pits or land jumps, and also serves as a seal against water. When
vibrating, the individual sheet piles are vibrated, and thus loosen the soil material and can penetrate into the soil. The Vibro Hammers are used either freely suspended on a crawler crane, on a mobile crane, or drill rig, fed by a power pack. With these tools, the CEJN TLX screw couplings come into play.


"Everything went well, and when problems arose, CEJN was immediately on hand to solve them and support us."

Andreas Künzler
Head Workshop Supervisor G+T AG


How did CEJN hydraulic couplings become standard?

This is a somewhat "hidden" application in power packs for screw and plug-in couplings, which usually are used in "classic" applications on the excavators to change the attachments. But CEJN hydraulic couplings are just right for demanding applications.

G+T AG Solothurn had various hydraulic products in use in their unit. Absolutely no oil leakage may occur since about 80% of the sites are close to water (respectively groundwater). Therefore unmistakable connectors – robust hardened couplings with simple seals – are required. CEJN's solution of 9 ports on the power pack with the hydraulic couplings from one supplier resulted in support and availability, reliability, as well as spill-free connection and disconnection of the hydraulic couplings. Easy handling was also a deciding factor for the workshop supervisor when it comes to the solution by CEJN. The uniqueness of the connections simplifies the training of employees and ensures easy handling. This also
benefits the work safety, a point which at G+T is also important.

Safety at work, short decision-making processes and innovativeness is what sets the company apart. G+T is the only construction company in Switzerland that has developed and patented a noise insulation process in itself, since in inner-city areas, noise-intensive sheet piling works can be a burden for both people and the environment. At the drill rig, a telescopic curtain made of sound-absorbing elements is used, which reduces noise by a measured 28 decibels - a huge reduction. "From my point of view, everything went well, and when problems arose, CEJN was immediately on hand to solve them and support us", Andreas Künzler concludes.

This shows why CEJN operates in this business, no doubt a smile from the customer and the use of CEJN products is the best endorsement for all.

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