The Multi-X GII 液压多路连接器-更好,更强,更轻

The Multi-X GII 液压多路连接器-更好,更强,更轻


The Multi-X couplings are the preferred choice for many construction and agricultural workers for their heavy duty machinery making tool change and maintenance much faster. Generation II (GII) has undergone some small but significant improvements to almost every aspect of the hydraulic connector.

Easier to handle, faster maintenance and increased vibration resilience are just some of the improvements of the new hydraulic multi-coupling. It is also lighter and has increased flow performance. And of course - fully compatible with previous versions.


Multi-X GII - Hydraulic Multi-Connector load movie 
Multi-X GII - Hydraulic Multi-Connector


All-in-one hydraulic connector

The multi-couplings allow you to connect multiple hydraulic lines and electrical connectors with one single connection, also when there is residual pressure. It makes it quick and easy to connect and disconnect hydraulic attachments without any risks of cross connection. The flat-face quick couplings are integrated into the multi-plate to minimize spillage during connection and disconnection. The Multi-X range is a standardized assortment of hydraulic multi couplings with up to six integrated quick couplings to suit many different applications.

Single ISO 16028 Flat-face couplings can be connected directly on the fixed installed male plates, giving you maximum flexibility to use tools and attachments both with and without a Multi-X plate.

  • High vibration resilience
  • High flow performance
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast and easy maintenance
  • Compact to fit many applications
  • Can easily be fitted with electrical connectors


Improved in every aspect

The robust multi-connection plate is more compact and lighter than its predecessor. It has the same robust look and feel as previous versions and the smaller outer dimensions makes it easier to fit more applications.


New handle design allows extension for extra leverage

Easily disassembled lever assembly for quick and easy maintenance

High vibration resilience with slot nuts for the mounting bracket


The quick coupler has increased flow performance as well as seal performance as a result of continuous design improvements. The steel handle will allow the use of an extension, a 17 mm key grip, for extra leverage. The lever assembly can easily be removed for easy maintenance and service.

It has been tested to deliver high performance in any conditions and the new slot nuts for the mounting bracket makes it even more resilient against vibrations. 

Designed for mobile hydraulic applications

The multi connect quick couplings are especially suitable for construction, demolition and agricultural equipment with interchangeable attachments. The Multi-X makes it faster to switch between different tools like breaker, ripper, cutter, shears, pulverizer, grapple, crusher, compactor, borer or any other hydraulic attachment. It can also easily be equipped with electrical connectors.


Available from autumn 2019

The first new versions of the Multi-X will be available in the autumn 2019. The WEO versions will be available later during 2019.

Product Configuration Connection Product code
Male Female
Multi-X Duo 2 x DN10 G ⅜” 10 932 2250 10 932 2200
2 x DN12.5 G ½” 10 932 2251 10 932 2201
2 x DN19 G ¾” 10 932 5250 10 932 5202
2 x DN25 G 1” 10 932 7050 10 932 7000
Multi-X Quattro 4 x DN10 G ⅜” 10 932 3250 10 932 3200
2 x DN10
2 x DN12.5
G ⅜” G ½” 10 932 4250 10 932 4200
4 x DN12.5 G ½” 10 932 4251 10 932 4201
2 x DN12.5
2 x DN19
G ½”
G ¾”
10 932 5250 10 932 5200
Multi-X Hexa 6 x DN10 G ⅜” 10 932 5256 10 932 5206



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